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frustrated by, Speedplays for sale(4 posts)

frustrated by, Speedplays for saleMorgan
Apr 1, 2002 2:29 PM
I just tried to list my Speed Play pedals for sale in the classified section of this site. But became frustrated with the login procedure. That's one of the things that pushed me away from this site. In the past I was on this site on a daily basis. So hear is what I am selling if you guys are interested. I also accept pay pal.

Speedplay X-2 pedals. Stainless steel axles. 198 grams per pair. One needle bearing and two cartridge bearings per axle. Smooth float saves knees and low profile design creates great cornering clearance. Dual sided entry. Includes cleats, all hardware, as well as the grease fitting. Pedals are in great shape. Cleats have some wear by have many miles left on them. Also have the speedlay adapters for Carnac shoes $90.00 for everything.

re: frustrated by, Speedplays for saleHENRY K
Apr 1, 2002 3:07 PM
Don't need the Speedplays but, I have difficulty with the login procedure as well on several occasions
re: frustrated by, Speedplays for saleFrank
Apr 1, 2002 5:50 PM
I think it is evident from the significant decrease in the classified postings that the charge and process have had a negative affect on sellers. The site may be money ahead because nobody used to pay for any ads, so the few who post are adding some revenue. I know several buyers/sellers have quit looking at the classifieds, and in turn the rest of the site, as frequently as they did in the past because there just aren't as many sale postings. This site had become third only to eBay and rec.bicycles.marketplace in the volume of bike related classified postings, but has fallen quite a ways down since the change.
re: frustrated by, Speedplays for salet-bill
May 2, 2002 11:11 AM
What is the URL for the rec.bicycles.marketplace you mentioned? I tried the obvious, but it didn't work.