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O-ring from Ultegra RD jockey pulley(2 posts)

O-ring from Ultegra RD jockey pulleycommuterguy
Apr 1, 2002 8:01 AM
I noticed a rubber o-ring about half-way out of the jockey pulley (closest to the cassette) of my ultegra RD. I didn't see any way to get it back in, so I cut it and pulled it out. (I was afraid it would snag the chain and cause my drivetrain to lock up.) Is this a must-get-fixed-ASAP problem or a lubricate-more-often-and-replace-pulley-sometime-soon problem? Should I go ahead and replace both pulleys? If so, with Shimano or aftermarket parts?
Ah, no biggie...floatch
Apr 1, 2002 8:23 AM
That ring is just a dust shield that keeps the bushing from getting fried. It is more of a "lubricate-more-often-and-replace-pulley-sometime-soon problem", rather than a "must-get-fixed-ASAP problem."
As for replacing with Shimano or aftermarket pulley, I'd most definately go with a Shimano direct replacement. Aftermarket pulleys have a history of screwing up a good thing. As for now, I'd disassemble the top pulley, lube it with some nice fresh green phil wood grease, and have the LBS order some replacements. Then, go ride!