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crit frame-slightly small OK?(4 posts)

crit frame-slightly small OK?Travis
Apr 1, 2002 4:46 AM
I am 71 inches tall and normally ride a 56cm rode bike. A friend is offering to sell me a good frame I would use as a crit bike. The price is very reasonable, but it is a 54cm. My friend tells me it is ok and even advisable to go a little smaller on a crit bike, and just raise seat post a little and get a slightly longer stem, and perhaps some spacer to race the stem a little. Is this true, or is he just trying to convince to buy a bike that doesn't fit so he doesn't have to resort to E-bay? Also, how can I tell when a frame becomes too small? Is the difference between 56 and 54 so great that it would make a huge difference? Thanks for any advice
you tell us...SteveO
Apr 1, 2002 8:50 AM
2 cm's roughly 3/4 inch. You can certainly compensate for this by raising the seatpost/stem another 3/4 inch. However, what are the dimensions of the TOP tube? Same length? Shorter? longer? You may need to play with the seat for/aft and/or stem length. if the top tube is (say) significantly shorter, you'll need a much longer stem, which could affect handling. Significantly longer, and you may be stretching (despite the shorter frame size).

He's youre friend, ask to borrow it and see how it feels.

my personal opinion, <1" is negligible. Im sure there are some people very tuned-in to their bodies that could be affected by such a change, but i think most would quickly adapt
frame dimensionsTravis
Apr 1, 2002 12:03 PM
right now it is just a frame and fork. I am going to have to take the components off my other bike and build up the frame and see how it feels, and check how raising the seatpost, moving the seat back, getting a longer stem, etc works and feels in compenating for the smaller frame. But I guess you confirmed my basic conclusion, and that is that a difference of 2cm's in and of itself is not so significant that you would reject the frame out of hand...still not sure about the argument that a slightly smaller frame is "better" for a crit bike, but I think getting in better shape is more important to my results than 2cm's on the frame
Size itKerry
Apr 1, 2002 6:03 PM
Go to Colorado Cyclist's web site and use their sizing calculator to see if this frame will fit you. You haven't told us your inseam, how much post is showing on your current bike, etc. I'm 1 in taller than you an my seat post is almost at max extension on a 59 cm frame. You need to consider more measurements than just your height.