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Is DA CS-7700 cassette more or less durable than Ultegra(8 posts)

Is DA CS-7700 cassette more or less durable than UltegraKLM
Mar 31, 2002 10:10 PM
I think the Dura-Ace cassette has ti cogs, while the Ultegra has stamped steel. Which will last longer?

Apr 1, 2002 5:13 AM
Per Wheels Manufacturing, which has a cottage industry of re-machining these cassettes, the Ultegra cassette is built with better steel. The reasoning is this: the Dura-Ace cassette has ti cogs, which will wear faster than good quality steel, so they use a lower quality steel on the non-ti cogs so that the whole cassette wears at the same rate.

Ultegra is all steel, and it uses a higher grade steel, so the whole cassette will last longer. This is what I've been told by the gentlemen at Wheels, but I have absolutely no proof.
Interesting....and a follow-upGregory Taylor
Apr 1, 2002 9:33 AM
Your response touches on something that I was puzzling about this morning ---

I'm finalizing plans for a new bike. I'm strongly attracted to Campy Record (who wouldn't?), but the more practical side of me thinks that the high cost of spares would eventually tick me off. I did a bit of thumbing through Colorado Cyclist and other higher-end catalogs, and was flabbergasted at some of the prices for wear-and-tear items like chains and cassettes.

I know, if you want a Ferrari, you have to be prepared to pay Ferrari prices to keep it running. And, if we all were totally practical all of the time, we wouldn't have such beautiful exotica like Campy Record. I just want to know whether I will have to sell a kidney to keep it maintained.

Anyway, my actual question -- what kind of milage can one expect from a Campy Record Cassette (assume that it will be well maintained). Ditto with the Dura-Ace cassette. I'm getting about 5,000 miles out of my all-steel Ultegra HG cassettes, which pleases me greatly...
Interesting....and a follow-upDave Hickey
Apr 1, 2002 10:20 AM
If have 4,000 miles on my DA cassette and I just order a new one today. I'm sure I could get more miles out of it but I ordered at 12-25 instead of my usual 12-23.
hard to answergtx
Apr 1, 2002 11:02 AM
depends too much on your riding conditions, maintenance, riding style and weight. And worn out for you might not be worn out for me--a light smooth rider can often ride easily on cogs that will skip horribly under the power of a heavier rider. Regarding DA vs Record, well, all things being equal, I'd take 9 for durability over 10 (and 8 over 9, and 7 over 8). But all things are never equal. The most durable cogs I have ever come across are 7 speed DA freewheel cogs.
Here's your answerKerry
Apr 1, 2002 6:10 PM
Go with "Record steel" cassettes (AKA Chorus) and you'll have no durability or cost problems. I use this combo ($70-75 at LaBicicletta) and have gotten as much as 11K miles out of them (I replace chain and cogs together). The weight penalty is minimal and the cost savings are huge. Ti cogs wear about 5X faster than steel in my experience with Record mixed (Ti + steel) cassettes.
(SMACK!) The Sound Of A Hand Hitting Forehead...Gregory Taylor
Apr 2, 2002 6:37 AM
Now that makes sense...
re: only 5k? that seems low..cyclopathic
Apr 2, 2002 10:49 AM
how often do you change chains?