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ebay GT(5 posts)

ebay GTronsod
Mar 31, 2002 9:53 PM
I don't need anymore bikes but I am curious about the age of this bike.It's called a 2000 in this ad but it appears to be steel,at least it has what appears to be chromed seatstays and chainstays.It also appears to have a 1" threaded headset.Can someone tell me what year it is?I'm having trouble making this into a link---here goes
re: ebay GTKEN2
Apr 1, 2002 7:48 AM
I don't think it's steel... GT hasn't made steel road bikes for some time and looking at the oversized tubes, it's got to be aluminum.

Still, it's interesting, because I've never seen a GT with stock chrome stays like this. And I think you're right about the headset, it's definitely threaded which means 1". GT went to the ZR ---- designation in, I think, 1999. I had a '97 GT Strike, which was the earlier model (also Force, etc.). So unless someone has repainted, chromed, and re-decaled an earlier model... and if it's really a ZR 2000 it's probably all-Ultegra.

Look, however, at the buy it now price. That's way too much, and most people set their reserve just a little below that amount. Given what new GTs are going for at Supergo and others, this puppy is way overpriced unless there is some unique value to it.
Earlier than 2000JS
Apr 1, 2002 8:23 AM
My friend is an ex-GT employee and he has this exact frame he uses as his temporary TT frame. It's aluminum( polished rear stays ) straight gauge tubing and HEAVY. I'm thinking it's a "98" model.
Apr 1, 2002 10:13 AM
Some guy wants almost $1000.00 for this? Good to see that his best offer thus far is @$350.00. For $1700.00 give or take a few you can get a GT ZR-1.0 frame from Supergo that will blow this tank out of the water. The drop in weight, and increase in quality when going to their US made frames was substantial.

search the classifieds here ...find better...;-) NMSpirito di Finocchio
Apr 1, 2002 12:20 PM