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aero bar question(5 posts)

aero bar questioncydswipe
Mar 31, 2002 4:59 PM
Hello! I am looking at purchasing the Profile Design Airstryke aero bars. I can't tell from any pictures, is there enough room for my computer mount near the stem after the bars are installed? I have a Vetta rt88. It is wireless. Will there be enough room for my hands to fit in the stem area for climbing? The arm rests flip up for more hand positioning on the bar itself. Any comments on this will help. Thanks!!
re: aero bar questionChen2
Mar 31, 2002 5:42 PM
Don't think so but there are small generic kits available to let you mount it on the Profile.
re: aero bar questiongrandemamou
Mar 31, 2002 5:51 PM
Usually no but I'm not familiar with that particular model. I learned the hard way that if you keep looking down for speed info in a tuck you will get distracted and lose time.

I have a set of Syntace bars for time trial and I purchased a product called the knob. It screws into the bar and puts the computer out in front. One other option is to just mount it sideways.
Mar 31, 2002 7:33 PM
There is barely enough room for the stem, let alone a computer mount. However, you can do what I do. You can mount the computer on the tip of curvy link thing. It works perfectly, you don't even have to buy the aero-bridge thing that profile offers for the two-piece aerobar.
re: aero bar questionJimP
Apr 1, 2002 1:21 PM
The AirStryke 2000 bars didn't leave enough room for my Cateye Astrale. I purchased the little Profile computer mount nub that places the computer ahead of the stem between the aerobars. The amount of space between the barmounts and the stem are dependent on the size of your stem.

The armrests on the AirStryke 2000 do flip up enough to place your hands on the bartops. I have the armrests mounted on the closest holes which left a little of the aluminum arms sticking out. I cut the protruding arms off with a hacksaw, smoothed them with a file and spraypainted them with black auto trim paint. Now there is a little more room than before.