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After ride shower. Hot, warm, or cold water?(10 posts)

After ride shower. Hot, warm, or cold water?Steven in Arizona
Mar 31, 2002 12:55 PM
After riding in the Arizona sun, I look forward to a good shower after time in the saddle. My question is; What temperature should the water be for maximun muscle recovery? I don't remember ever seeing or hearing anything about this subject. What do you do/prefer?
Hottish, for me anywayspeedisgood
Mar 31, 2002 1:05 PM
Funny you ask this, as I just got back in from 2 1/2 hours. Desktop weather sez it's 47 but it felt more like 40 today. All I'm looking forward to is a hot shower, feeling returning to my toes, and reheated pizza from last night. And a beer or six later tonight 8D

As for the summer, slightly colder showers feel pretty good, I think. I can't remember that far back. I know lower body cold whirlpools are used by football players during 2-a-days in August to help rejuvenate their legs for the second session or the next day.

Haven't tried it myself (can't get my skirt high enough to get in that chilly water.)
I prefer dinner with AndreSlipstream
Mar 31, 2002 2:27 PM
Ahisma, if you read this post, I hope you can appreciate my ramblings.

The ride was cut short by the cold and the rain. Hey it's Easter and dinner was on my mind, not to mention other treats. To keep good relations I stayed in 39:23 the whole way, spun my heart out. Hot shower, snuggly warm but more warmth to come as the afternoon mellows with a few spirits. Good conversation, lamenting over 911 and how 13 years ago world peace was breaking out all over with peristroyka and all yet today over 55 percent of Muslims are under age 20 and many are uneducated. Fodder for easy manipulation.

And dinner, ah Ahisma you would be proud. Pulled out Paul Bocuse and fixed Entrecot vigneronne (steak wine-grower's style) with a simple yukon potato salad and basic greens. Don't be put off, but I served Andre Asti Spumante with it. Before you scoff, let me tell you it had great legs and the bubbles were micro. Pears in red wine for dessert.

Why am I saying this. Well it has to do with keeping the boss happy. Who knows, maybe she'll let me add another steed to the stable.
Do you deliver?theBreeze
Mar 31, 2002 3:17 PM
Wow! Wish my sig. other would put out an Easter spread like that. He took off for work today. Ah well.
Beautiful weather here in the sunny southwest. No traffic Easter morn, perfect temp for that recovery ride.
Re: showers. I'm of like mind to the above. Cold ride, hot shower; hot ride, cold shower. Don't know that temp affects muscle recovery that much beyond reestablishing normal temp. I figure whatever feels good is the way to go. Maybe more important if you are dealing with some sort of injury.
boo hoo hoo....Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 31, 2002 6:21 PM
i was coerced to wake up early and spend the day with c. with a promise of

Mumm de Cremant w/ rabitt rillete en croute et cornichon
followed by

'91 Gigondas w/ confit de canarde et sauce bigarade
followed by

Yalumba muscat w/ tarte au citron

c. said she couldnt find any seville oranges for the sauce bigarade and it was crucial to its authenticity.

....ended up w/ pancakes and hot chocolate and some intimate dominican style aerobics followed by a lie down....

reading your post has made me even more hungry so i woke up c. with a copy of larrouse gastronomique, a 1 hour time limit and $10 with the threat of not using the nasal strips, d-snore and my special pillow.

thats fair i think...

im ssoooooooooo hungry i could eat anything....did i hear hamburger au cheval?

according to Men's Health...up_hiller
Mar 31, 2002 4:26 PM
cold water is best for flushing lactic acid out of muscles. I don't know why, but I know i read that in there a few months ago. I take a nice hot shower just like usual, then crank it to cold for as long as I can stand it (usually not very long). and I don't do this after normal rides. only when I really get a tough workout, and i know I'll be sore the next day.
Hot & ColdOzzie
Mar 31, 2002 4:52 PM
My girlfriend trains under the AIS here in Oz. They recommend that they alternate hot and cold around 4 times. Cold water really takes your breath away but stimulates your circulation and nervous system. Then the hot is such a luxury!

Couple this with a good massage and sound nutrition and you'll be back in top shape sooner rather than later.
Hot then cold.look271
Mar 31, 2002 8:17 PM
I do it EVERY shower. I have low blood pressure and have done this for years and it has helped-alot. It is at the point that if I don't switch to cold I just don't feel right. Call me strange, but it works for me......
Brings back my youth!Kerry
Mar 31, 2002 5:23 PM
The first book I ever got on cycling was an English publication, perhaps from the 50s or early 60s. Along with the energy drink advice (tea and honey in your water bottle) they recommended a cold shower/hot shower routine to speed recovery. Much more recently I've heard of the ice cold bath (Hincappie?) after a super hard workout to prevent/reduce swelling. At the pro racer level, this may have some meaning. For the rest of us, just do what feels good.
Cold is supposed to decrease swelling...Leisure
Mar 31, 2002 6:59 PM
a la icing your knees after hard running and such. Who knows, that could very well contribute to circulating lactic acid out of the muscle and into the bloodstream as mentioned above. Think I care? I take a nice hot shower after each ride and feel damn good, thank you. And afterwards I treat myself to some huge meal. During the summer this often involves a big pile of crab. Oh summer, I can't wait!