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Opinions, Opinions About Spokes Bike Shop(26 posts)

Opinions, Opinions About Spokes Bike ShopRadicalRonPruitt
Mar 29, 2002 1:43 PM
I appreciate all of your input and opinions about Spokes bike shop in Wheaton. I went in there after finding out they are a Colnago dealer. This is a bit of a haul for me, since I live in Midlothian. When I walked in there Sammy greeting me. He took time with me, and helped me out. He assured me I would love the Dream frame. They are really nice there. I appreciate your input, but I feel like they were nicer than cbike. They seemed snobby. I like the fact that Spokes has organized rides leaving their store. I like the fact that there is a lot to choose from. I don't like Campy or Shimano, and they sell Mavic there. I am going to put Mavic components on my bike. I like the fact that I am going to get a perfect shift each time. Sammy was very nice to take the time with me to show me the benefits of cableless shifting. This is a first class store, and I am sure someone on this website will back me up on it.
Check out these links.Len J
Mar 29, 2002 2:04 PM
I don't know personally about Spokes, but there has been enough bad posts I'd stay away.

Where there is smoke there is fire. Read some of the replies to the posts and it seems like ther is a pattern of selling last years models as this years, under/or ocer sizing, and a general hucksters attitude about selling bikes.

Buyer beware.

Just Because I Buy A Frame From SpokesRadicalRonPruitt
Mar 29, 2002 2:17 PM
Doesn't mean I have to have them put it together. So they made a mistake with Kerrdogs Giant. I am not going to let them build my bike, so there goes that theory about Spokes.
What about these posts that praise Spokes?RadicalRonPruitt
Mar 29, 2002 2:18 PM
Here you go...
Posted by: amanda fisk
Feb-14-02, 06:45 PM

"re: Spokes Wheaton, IL"
have only good things to say about spokes they are a wonderful friendly store. being a woman, they are very open compared with some shops that have a nose up in the air attitude towards 'GIRLS'they are sometimes very busy but given a little patience they will always help with your needs to the best of their abilities " ride to the right" asked for jerseys to wear at ragbrai last year and spokes helped them out


Posted by: Tracey Ellsworth
Feb-14-02, 08:15 PM

"re: Spokes Wheaton, IL"
It's your imagination. I started riding five years ago when I purchased a hybrid bike at Spokes. The owner, Raouf, spent a great deal of time with me, even though I was purchasing a lower end bike. I discovered a tiny scratch on the frame when I got the bike home, and they promptly delivered another one to my home and took back the original with no questions asked. But along with that bike, there came a tremendous amount of encouragement and an invitation to participate in Spokes rides. Since then, I have developed a passion for riding both mountain and road bikes, and I would not purchase ANYTHING that has to do with cycling anywhere but Spokes. I get a fabulous selection of equipment, expert advice, rapid repairs, competitive pricing, honesty, and the friendship of all the other people who ride with Spokes and feel, as I do, that it is the premier bike shop in Chicago.
Len, you saved the worst for lastRadicalRonPruitt
Mar 29, 2002 2:21 PM
Some of those final post weren't very positive about the store. I will consider these opinions before I lay my money down this weekend.
Didn't save anything........Len J
Mar 29, 2002 5:43 PM
I'm sorry if you got the impression that I "Saved the worst for last". I Didn't. I merely did a search on SpoKes & posted them in the order I found them.

My intention is not to push you in one direction or the other. As a regular here, I have noticed that people have relayed a disproportinate amount of negative comments about these shops. So when you asked, I tried to direct you to some of the historical posts. You still have to make your own choice, Iwas merely trying to give you the benefit of some previous oponions (in answer to your request). Sorry if you felt like I was pushing you.

I am neutral, but if you believe that, you have been taken...TJeanloz
Mar 29, 2002 2:06 PM
Mavic Mektronic, which I truely believe is the future, is currently a piece of crap. Any bike shop owner who is foisting it off as a better alternative to Campy or Shimano has a hidden adgenda. I was one of the first people in the US with Mektronic, I tested it quite a bit for Mavic USA, and I liked it- but I could never in good conscience recommend it to a customer. You will not get a perfect shift every time. It doesn't work that well. This is not necessarily a knock on Mektronic as an idea- I think there heart is in the right place, but the system does not work NEARLY as well as 105 or Centaur, let alone Dura-Ace or Record.

As a salesperson, I'd sell Mektronic if somebody knew the drawbacks, and knew they wanted it- I would never, ever, sell it as an equal alternative to Campy or Shimano. And any shop that does (in my opinion) is not being honest with their customers.
Agree...the mectronic I used worked...barelyColnagoFE
Mar 29, 2002 3:16 PM
I tried it during Ride the Rockies on a Serotta Hors Categorie test bike. Shifted really slow and not very crisply but it did work. Front der was friction which is OK and works, but for a high end setup I expect indexed shifting.
Mar 29, 2002 2:22 PM
Why does it seem that there is an agenda by posters with names we've never seen before to say negative things about Spokes. This may well be a store not worth going to but it seems this is just coming up way too often on this board. IGNORING posts about Spokes may end what seems like a never ending saga. If it is one or two people under different names it's an agenda. This guys question just seems to beg to have all the negative stuff come out again. Smells like the work of a troll to me.
Check out this rating summary of Chicago bike shopsSlipstream
Mar 29, 2002 2:47 PM

It wasn't scientific, nor statistically accurate, so you form your own opinion. The anecdotal remarks about the different shops are very informative if you check the threads, however. Interestingly, even though CBike rated high, your experience with them is not dissimilar to other comments posted about them.

Spokes does come up on this board more often than any other LBS anywhere. Most posts are negative. As for trolls slammin' Spokes, I doubt that. But there are some very strong opinions on this board; not very different from the strong opinions held on a lot of topics.

I would take seriously what TJean says though re. Mavic. My observation is that you might want to do some more homework and maybe check out some of the other shops listed above.

And, welcome to the Colnago experience. When you get it, post it on the board and let us know how things turned out.

ride hard; have fun; be safe ;>)
Check out this rating summary of Chicago bike shopscritmass
Mar 29, 2002 3:07 PM
Who instigated that poll? Here is that persons FIRST post on this board.

There have been some regulars here who have bashed Spokes and that speaks volumes.
There are others posted under first and mostly just one time names that have an agenda. Why play the game?
Ever watch chickens in a chicken coop?Slipstream
Mar 29, 2002 3:20 PM
You assert they are being bashed; I don't agree with your premise. As I recall, BianchiAmber started the poll. I also remember she got flamed for doing so. That spark kindled a flame war all over the board that lasted for with your several days.

Kind of reminds me of how chickens behave. Everything is peaceful, then all of a sudden a bunch of cackling starts for no apparent reason. Then it stops as quickly as it started. But what we do know is that, somehow, the chickens have figured out what the pecking order is. Seems to me people have figured out where Spokes falls on the LBS pecking order.

Hey: ride hard; have fun; be safe ;>)
Mar 29, 2002 3:36 PM
Did you follow my link? It lead to BianchiAmber and her rant against Spokes on her FIRST thread of posting.
Trying to stir chickens is exactly what this person is trying to do. DON'T be a cackling chicken. To bash means to attack physically OR verbally. With Spokes some of it certainly seems justified and lots of it seems like the agenda of someone out to play us like chickens.
I wan't going to post on Spokes, but you brought me upBianchiAmber
Mar 29, 2002 4:14 PM
I was going to leave this post alone until you accused me of an agenda. I have no agenda. I just wanted to discuss the quality of local Chicago bike shops. If that is an agenda, then excuse me. Apparently, a lot of people have been raked over the coals by Spokes. The subject alone brings out a lot of opinions good and mostly bad. Agenda, no. I have rated other things as well such as internet mail order shops. Do you work for Spokes or something.

Also, I noticed your name, critmass. Are you part of that group downtown that likes to get riders, not real cyclist, to slow down traffic during rush hour downtown in order to protest against the use of cars? If you are, then hear this. You give cyclist a bad name. You enrage people who want to get home and they take it out on other cyclist who can't fend for themselves. It think your organization is not doing any favors to cyclist.
If anyone did the same to me I would have an agenda tooRadicalRonPruitt
Mar 29, 2002 4:31 PM
That would be not to do business with a place like this. However, I am still going to buy the Colnago at Spokes tomorrow. They must be doing something right since they have a huge inventory, good store locations, and great bicycle lines.
Sammy, is that you?Crankist
Mar 30, 2002 1:32 PM
The below kinda blows your theory, right?Scot_Gore
Mar 29, 2002 4:34 PM
This can't be the work of one time or infrequent visitors with an ax to grind if they personally respond to you inside an hour regarding posts from months ago.

Call off Harry Potter, no TROLL signs present.

The below kinda blows your theory, right?critmass
Mar 29, 2002 5:23 PM
Ever think RadicalRon and BianchiAmber are one and the same? The last time BianchiAmber posted on this board she/he was talking about colnago. Now RadicalRon is going to buy one for what he knows, from responses he got today, is too much money from Spokes. The grassy knoll should have been this easy to figure out! That they both responded to me tells me what I needed to know.
Think you are a detective?RadicalRonPruitt
Mar 29, 2002 5:34 PM
I am a regular at Spokes who decided to post on here after hearing at the store that this board has been the source of numerous negative attention on this board. Spokes is the best store in Chicago. I was hoping people would come on here and say that. I have no clue who BianchiAmber is, and frankly I don't care. Sammy is a great guy to do business with. I am ordering a Colnago from them tomorrow, and I am sure it it going to be a sound purchase that I will enjoy. I also know the service I get from them is first class. For those of you who post against Spokes, I invite you to come back and give Sammy and Raouf a second chance. They are great people to work with. I enjoy riding with them. They have always been good to me, and those who flame Spokes don't realize what a unique store it is.
Mar 29, 2002 5:50 PM
So you"re no longer the naive newbie who wants advice on if Spokes is where you should buy your Colnago? I noticed your grammer has improved too. Here is a solution. Gregg can you check the IP numbers of Ron and Amber on the posts they made within 15 minutes of one another. I'll bet DVD's of Blow Out, JFK and The Conversation they are the same
Who cares?jtolleson
Mar 30, 2002 3:11 PM
First of all, it sounds like you are being paranoid. But even if a person posts a fair bit about one LBS, so what?

What if they had an experience that was bad enough that spreading the word about it became an "agenda?"

What if they then posted a poll to see if they weren't alone?

So what?!
ah, just ignore himweiwentg
Mar 31, 2002 4:12 PM
he's a paranoid old goat. :P
Please trust me.Pack Meat
Mar 29, 2002 4:01 PM
I post here often, I have no agenda other than attempting to help my fellow cyclists. Yes everytime Spokes comes up I am very critical of them. I know good bike shops and I know bad shops, this is a bad shop. Test them for yourself, ask them about warranties, service, etc. See if they promise you everything that you ask for. Ask them about something that you know is a piece of crap and see if they try to sell it to you. Look at their clothing which is mostly ugly, find the ugliest, worst quality shorts, ask their opinion. You are correct, make your own decision with these posts in mind. No offence to the posters that praised Spokes but I don't think that those people are experienced cyclists.
Organized rides?Pack Meat
Mar 29, 2002 4:08 PM
They have a small click of people that spend money at their shop go on those rides. You will notice that at the same time there is another group of cyclists that leave from the same parking lot at the same time. The owner selected his click and told everybody else they were not welcome. Don't be duped.
Organized rides? Attn Pack Meat!BianchiAmber
Mar 29, 2002 4:15 PM
What is the story behind the second group? Are they former customers? When do they meet?
I have an idea--try being straightforward in the future...Slipstream
Mar 29, 2002 6:13 PM
I welcome Mr. Sammy to join the discussion board and represent his interests. The issue he faces is that bad news is repeated many times more than good news. He simply needs to do damage control.

With respect to your post, I am sure your intentions were well intended, however, your machiavellian tactics are not particularly appreciated. While you didn't misrepresent yourself entirely, you weren't exactly completely honest either.

In the future, please just play it straight.