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Now or later: a component upgrade query(7 posts)

Now or later: a component upgrade queryjc66502
Mar 29, 2002 7:26 AM
It's time to replace the aging 8-speed Campy on my road bike. I've decided to be practical this time around and switch back to Shimano. My question has nothing to do with my choice to desert Campy.

My question is, is Shimano planning a massive re-design of Dura Ace for 2003, and if so, is it wiser to nurse another year out of my current Campy set up and opt for next years Dura Ace? My concern is that if I get a current Dura Ace set up, in a few months it will be old news and outdated.

Shimano has made it known that XTR is receiving a major overhaul. I'd just as soon not get current Dura Ace only to have the same thing happen.

Thanks and best regards
as a mountain bikerlaffeaux
Mar 29, 2002 8:44 AM
My advice would be to upgrade now and avoid the new group. If, like XTR, the DA group is changed dramatically, I'd not buy it for at least the first year. The new XTR is an unproven, very expensive, unknown quantity. I'd not not buy it until it's been out for a while.

Shimano has introduced things in the past that did not take off, and were dropped immediately. When such a large change occurs, as with XTR, you may find that you bought into a product that died quickly, and even though you bought the latest and greatest, you have the ''00s equivalent of bio-pace rings.

I'd buy now.
FWIW, I'm with Laffeaux (and another thing....)retro
Mar 29, 2002 9:09 AM
I'd go with the current DA (actually I'd go with Ultegra, but I'm cheap) for the reasons Laffeaux gave, plus one more: How much better can an overhauled version BE? Even if it's genuine (not just a marketing "improvement") and proves popular, can you think of what they could improve that would make your life better? I honestly can't, and I like the reliability of the well-proven current stuff.
I also have a full set of Biopace chainrings on the wall, if anybody's looking...and I think some U-brakes, too.
Ugghhh U-brakesColnagoFE
Mar 29, 2002 9:36 AM
I have a Panasonic that still functions as a beater bike, kid hauler that has functioning ovaltech (suntour biopace knockoff) rings and a u-brake rear which is a real pain as when the cable breaks the bike's rear tire locks up because the brake's springs make it rub. It also is a good mud/snow collector. What were they smoking when they designed U-brakes?
I can one up you... Roller Camslaffeaux
Mar 29, 2002 12:19 PM
I have a bike with the original Roller Cam brakes. It takes the awkwardness of u-brakes and combines it with requiring a tool to replace the cable hanger if you remove the rear wheel. I guess if you were persistent you could do it, but it requires a lot of leverage.
Here's a thoughtIAM
Mar 29, 2002 1:10 PM
Wait till the new DA stuff comes out and then buy this years on closeout. I'm not one for buying unproven stuff either, and being on a budget, this seems like a solution for your problem.
second itcyclopathic
Mar 30, 2002 4:03 PM
price should drop when new stuff comes out.
with respect to new DA it's gonna be lighter, the most significant change is Sweetwing style cranks/integrated BB