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Jerseys if your on a budget(9 posts)

Jerseys if your on a budgetJoshua
Mar 29, 2002 4:08 AM
Being new to cycling and on a fairly tight start up budget I ended up blowing my entire budget and then some on the bike I really wanted. The only problem that left me is not a lot of money for accessories (Fortunately I already had helmet, gloves, and a seat bag from my mt bike.) But getting a jersey with out spending 70 bucks seemed unlikely. Then I just happened to go into a Nike Outlet store where I found their dri fit shirts that are made out of the same wicking material jerseys are made of and they were only 13 dollars. Granted they dont have any pockets in the back but if your on a budget like me, you can grab two or three and they are more comfy than a T'shirt. Hope this suggestion helps some of ya out there.
re: Jerseys if your on a budgetDave Hickey
Mar 29, 2002 4:23 AM
Thanks for the tip. If you need cheap jersey's, check out these guys.
2nd bikejerseys.comterry b
Mar 29, 2002 6:28 AM
Hank is the best - 2/$75 blowouts can't be beat and his service is extraordinary.
Mar 29, 2002 4:40 AM
remember when you didnt have to 'get dressed' to ride a bike? nmfeathers mcgraw
Mar 29, 2002 6:11 AM
re: Jerseys if you're on a budget.............davet
Mar 29, 2002 7:48 AM
Also Coolmax T-shirts, 9 bucks at (nm)retro
Mar 29, 2002 8:06 AM
re: Jerseys if your on a budgetMe Dot Org
Mar 29, 2002 8:43 AM
Some other places:

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Some of the cheap suff costs less because it's no good. Pay special attention to the materials used...
Performance alsoColnagoFE
Mar 29, 2002 9:00 AM
Nothing wrong with the performance jersies and many come in solid colors which wont make you seem like a pro-wannabe.