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helmet help(5 posts)

helmet helplilgeerts72
Mar 28, 2002 2:22 PM
I am buying my first bike in a couple of weeks, and i am starting to look at the other things to go with it. I really don't know much about helmets, manufacturer to manufacturer, or model to model. I have around $75 bucks in my budget for a helmet, so if anyone has any experiences or information i would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks in advance.
re: helmet helpDINOSAUR
Mar 28, 2002 3:45 PM
All bicycle helmets have to meet the same safety standards. They all do the same thing, protect your head. The difference in price is that the expensive helmets are lighter, offer more vents, and style. 've have good luck with Giro helmets, I tried on a bunch at my bike shop and they seemed to fit my head better. $75.00 is plenty for a helmet, start shopping..
re: helmet helpJekyll
Mar 28, 2002 3:51 PM
The basic differences in helmets are ventilation, weight and fit. Supposedly MTB and road helmets are different in the way the vents are configured: Road vents made to work at higher speeds and MTB at a slower pace. Probably more of a marketing ploy then anything else (I bought into it never the less - my excuse was that this way the helmets have a chance to dry and vent out between use, but I digress).
Either way, you can get a good helmet at your price range from major manufacturers (Giro, Bell, Lidmar, etc).
Helmets are sized by measuring you head circumference right above the eye brows. CPSC certification is a must. Different manufacturers seem to fit a little differently and have different retention systems. Try a few different models and see what fits best. Remember its your head so don't be afraid to spend a little time and money to find the right lid.
BTW Performance seems to have a pretty good sale running right now on helmets.
re: helmet helpMadmax
Mar 29, 2002 6:12 AM
Suggest you find a shop that has a big selection of helmets, try different models from different companies and see which one feels best. You should be able to get help from the shop in making sure the helmet fits and the straps are properly adjusted. Then either buy from the shop our take note of which helmet you like best and go shop price at other shops or on the internet. When my wife and I bought helmets she liked a Giro model the best and I liked a Specialized model the best.
Try this link for a good read before you buyAhimsa
Mar 28, 2002 7:09 PM
Helps to cut through all the marketing BS and get to what matters...your brain and how these helmets protect it.