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First ride on the aerobars. . .(8 posts)

First ride on the aerobars. . .js5280
Mar 28, 2002 10:41 AM
Recently bought the Airstryke aerobars, thanks to the input of several RBR'ites, and had a chance to test them out on my commute to work, about 22 miles. They did come in handy, steady 5-15mph mostly headwind this morning. Here were my immediate observations. . .

1) Ended up bumping up my seat height about 1/4" and tilted the seat forward. Helped open things up and relieve some undue pressure in a sensitive area.

2) Somehow aerobars make your gut grow where there was no gut before. . .Well at least when sucking in while arching your back, in front of the mirror ;-)

3) They force you to keep your upper body quiet which should be a good thing.

4) They also force you to make better gear selections (no bar end shifters) and maintain a wider range of cadence than you might normally do on the regular bars.

5) No Brakes! I think I'm going to hate prarie dogs even more now. Haven't hit one. . .yet

6) My wrists and hopefully my shoulders will finally have a comfortable position to retreat to, that's usually what tires out for me most on long rides. Particularly early in the season. . .

7) Getting into the aerobars while going over 25 mph is, uh. . .THRILLING to say the least. However the 34+ mph where I normally only hit 30 mph was enough so the thrill of speed quickly overshadowed the fear of death I had felt.

8) The riding position is a little different, didn't feel as comfortable as I normally do but I'm sure that comes w/ time.

Other than these observations, I felt pretty comfortable w/ the handling but I did make a point to use them only in low-consequence situations (i.e. wide shoulders, low traffic, no turns) and my speed would be in check w/out braking. Can't vouch for increase performance yet. I had to stop for some adjustments but my spin time was typical for a non-windy day so that may be an improvement.

Also I promise to replace the elbow pads w/ shattered glass on group rides (maybe 10-20% of the riding I do)

Thanks to all for their input on choosing which aerobars to buy. I was looking at the Syntace C2 as well but didn't like that the tops weren't very accessable. Airstrykes have spring loaded rest that allow you to get to your handlebar tops.

Ride safe and often. . .
Love my Airstrykes too! (nm)teacherguy
Mar 28, 2002 10:58 AM
re: First ride on the aerobars. . .Chen2
Mar 28, 2002 12:05 PM
I just switched from Airsrykes to Syntace C2's and found myself too low and unable to use the tops of the handlebars. But instead of going back to the Airstrykes I installed the Syntace lift kit and now I'm comfortable and can reach any part of the handlebar. I think they are both good systems and I'm enjoying the change.
re: a few tipscyclopathic
Mar 28, 2002 2:01 PM
1) you may also experiment with rotating seat to the left or right 2-5 degrees (depend on where you keep your personal belongings ;)

2) stretch hamstrings and back. bigger gut is indication that your back isn't flat and it may cause a bunch of problems: tendonitis and/or acid flux on loger rides. It usually takes a few hours for acid to build up and it isn't easy thing to deal with

3-5) YEs 8-)

6) for comfort on long rides try 2 layers of bar tape or foam grips for tops and aerobars. Do not put anything on drops it effects reach. Foam grips are only ~5$ and they work the best though it's big hassle to put it on.

7) take your time to get used to: a couple month and you'd start using them on 45+ downhills
quik tip for foam gripsSteveO
Mar 29, 2002 6:53 AM
instead of dealing with the hassels of installing foam grips, simply slice the grip along its length. place it on the bar (OVER the bar tape...otherwise it will slide), then electrical tape the ends and middle to keep in place.

not the prettiest installation, but works well for those occassional centuries where you want a little extra cush.
rode like I was drunk at firstRaiderMike
Mar 28, 2002 3:35 PM
I now have a couple hundred miles with my aerobars but at first I had trouble riding in a straight line. I really like them and they are nice on longer rides
Raider Mike from the Jungle??? are you a Roadiesurf
Mar 28, 2002 4:46 PM
Are you the same Raider Mike who calls the Jungle (Jim Rome show)?? It's hard to believe that Raider Mike is a biker.
Nope not meRaiderMike
Mar 29, 2002 5:12 PM