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Can hybrid wheels go on a mountain bike? Will brakes fit?(2 posts)

Can hybrid wheels go on a mountain bike? Will brakes fit?teacherguy
Mar 28, 2002 7:25 AM
Anyone ever done this?
Quick course in wheel interchangeabilitycory
Mar 28, 2002 8:01 AM
There are two main wheel sizes on adult bikes these days: 26-inch, on mountain bikes, and something called 700C, which I used to understand but forgot. There are also some older road bikes left with 27-inch wheels, but 700 is the road standard now.
I'm not sure what hybrids use, or if they all use the same size. If you have a hybrid with 26-inch wheels, you can probably swap them to an MB--they'll likely be narrower, but that's just a brake adjustment. If it uses 700 wheels, try it anyway--sometimes there's enough room in some brakes to make the adjustment. My singlespeed originally had 27-inch wheels, and I was able to swap straight across for 700s (much wider tire selection) just by lowering the brake pads a little.
If you just want to swap so you can use more road-oriented tires, there's a huge selection of pavement tires, even 1-inch slicks, made to fit mountain bike wheels. That would make the interchangeability moot.