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Deciding on Steel Frame(12 posts)

Deciding on Steel Framevontresc
Mar 26, 2002 7:43 AM
Hi im am sort of a newbie to the roadbike arena (haven't ridden one for 10 years). I wanna replace my Hybrid with a nice steel roadbike. So far I have been looking at Lemond and Bianchi (Waterfors are unfortunately out of my price range). My questin to you is what other brands should i take a look at before deciding which one to buy, since this weelend looks like it will finally be warm enough here in Chicago to do some test riding.

My price range is roughly $1200-$1800 and I am looking for a steel ride more for touring than racing.


Peter von Tresckow
re: Deciding on Steel FrameTroyboy
Mar 26, 2002 7:53 AM
I'd check out Steelman or Land Shark. For $1800 you can get a nicely equipped rig. Not sure if they will be out of your range.
re: Deciding on Steel FrameFNG
Mar 26, 2002 8:08 AM
I am in the same price position. Plus, I too haven't ridden road bikes for 10+ years and I have been looking all winter for a new road bike and trying to educate myself as to what is worth buying. I have been looking at the Lemond Zurich and the Bianchi XL Boron. I have also looked at Felt, Cannondale, Specialized, and some Giants. For the most part I prefer the Steel to the aluminum. The Bianchi seems to be a bit more expensive, but I think the frame (triple butted) is worth a little more than the Lemond (Double) and or some of the aluminum frames. I loved the Lemond, but I'm not sure I like the long top-tube? Any ways, the Felt seems to be the best bang for the buck with the great components and the wheels they offer, but I've also heard the company is in real trouble and the frames are made in Taiwan to save money. My suggestion would be to be looking at the 2001 models for the price breaks. I found a 2001 Zurich for $1850 and a 2001 XL Boron for $1950 with pedals. Good luck, and watch out for falling scaffolding!
Steel= a look at GVHbikes.comLone Gunman
Mar 26, 2002 8:17 AM
Gary can help you, has some great bikes to offer. The down side is test ride is not an option. But he is good at sight unseen if you give him some accurate measurements, he can hook you up with steel based upon intended use, measurements provided. I ride a Zurich, but my next steel would be from GVH.
Steel= a look at GVHbikes.comSharkman
Mar 26, 2002 10:41 AM
I second both the comment re GVH Bikes and Landsharks. I searched high and low in my local area, and ultimately wound up buying a Landshark from Gary. Test rode the Zurich and its a great bike for the money too.

The Bianchi XL Boron may be a great frame, but at least in my area, it was significantly more expensive than either the GVH deal or the Zurich.

GVH is a great deal

Gunnar= cut rate WaterfordAndante
Mar 26, 2002 8:41 AM
If you want the waterford, but can't afford it, Waterford also makes Gunnar. The difference is Tig welding vs Lugs. The gunnars are WAY cheaper. Good website:

Roadie for racing, crosshairs for touring and sportdog for both.
ditto on Landshark also Rivendell or Merciancyclopathic
Mar 26, 2002 9:01 AM
here's a link to Mercian Audax Special complete bikes. you can get complete Campy bike for 1300-1700$
PS Merciancyclopathic
Mar 26, 2002 9:03 AM
prices include 17.5% VAT
VAT and MercianMe Dot Org
Mar 26, 2002 2:05 PM
On Mercian's website pages for frames, it says "VAT extra at current rate".

Still, their frames represent very good value. I'm very close to finalizing the purchase of a Vincitore Special.
yeah that's kinda confusingcyclopathic
Mar 26, 2002 7:40 PM
this is a quote from complete bike section:

Audax Special Price List
All prices are inclusive of VAT (UK sales only)
Campag Mirage Triple - Bare Clearance £899.00
Campag Veloce Triple - Bare Clearance £945.0

and so on..
Here's a thought...Slipstream
Mar 26, 2002 9:05 AM
First, get your sizing correct and then build your own from the RBR classified.

For example, if you needed a 52cm frame, for around $1800. you would have an incredible bike by combining the following:

CAVALERA (vicenza)w/ LOOK lds (a sweet italian frame)

Campy Chorus 10 spd/record post/electron whls

There are a lot of great frames listed. If you have the patience, you can probably put together a combination that would work great for you and have saved big bucks as well.
re: Deciding on Steel Framenew1
Mar 29, 2002 5:54 PM
well as a newbie to road riding (but not to riding overall being a mtn biker for 3 years) I was in your same situation a month ago. I spent so much on my 4th mtb that my hubby put me on a modest budget approximately $1200, well below my mtb budget. I looked high and low and rode everything. I decided on a steel bike also. Ended up with a Marin, got a 2001 model and for $975, got full 105 set up - no carbon fork but figured I can change that later if necessary. To top it off, the frames are built in Italy. I switched the saddle immediately to a women's specific specialized, like my mtb and the result "My bike is comfy" i've done my longest ride so far of only 60 miles but the others have been 30-40 Many other bikes weren't even comfortable on a test ride. The hubby was happy, I was happy, got to but some more jerseys etc.. but mostly I really am loving the bike. Good Luck!!