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Speed during races??????(2 posts)

Speed during races??????coonass
Mar 25, 2002 5:28 PM
O.K......tell me! Why don't they occasionally post the speed of the lead riders or Pelaton during a race?? The only times I see (or a mention of) the riding speed is if 'El Falco' is blasting down a mountain side, or that the Stage winner has won at 44.24km/h. Granted, any notification would only be temporary, but even NASCAR gives periodic speed notices, but it would still give you an idea of what these guys are cruising or sprinting at. I'm totally amazed at the pace these guys maintain, watching the roadside zipping by..... I would think that a camera-bike could relay an approximation??? Maybe God doesn't want my legs to know that they're doing a 6km mountain ascent at 40km/ legs would burn (or just lock-up) just hearing that.
check out Internet coveragetheBreeze
Mar 25, 2002 8:08 PM
Living the cable-deprived life that I do I usually monitor live coverage of races on the Internet. For example I "watched" Fabio's live coverage of Milan-San Remo at And OLN's coverage of TdF. They usually give regular info about average peloton speed. Why the TV coverage doesn't I have no idea.
Of course given the elapsed race time and mileage you could calculate an average speed if you wanted.