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FSA Carbon Pro Vs. FSA Carbon Pro Team Issue(2 posts)

FSA Carbon Pro Vs. FSA Carbon Pro Team IssueAllister Fiend
Mar 25, 2002 5:40 AM
I am thinking about buying one of these two cranksets. Would someone please give me some insight? Is the price difference worth going to an all carbon crank?
Mar 25, 2002 10:07 AM
those cranks and they ksyeriums will add at least 2 mph to your rides average. dont believe me, do a search.

just kidding (although its a disturbing trend to read the countless threads about how people say those wheels do add mph's). if you dont race or dont care if your cranks get scratched up to hell, then yes get the all carbon ones. i mean why not. they are a 1 time purchse. save some weight. have the coolest cranks on all the group rides. evryone has the common AL spider carbo arm model. why get those. to be like everyone else??
but if you race and dont think scratched up carbon looks good, i'd just stick with $170 DA cranks. The DA chainrings are the best. look at your current crank. thats what the carbon ones will look like in short order.

you tell us if it is worth it