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Which size bike should i choose?(3 posts)

Which size bike should i choose?Herms
Mar 24, 2002 9:46 PM
Hey, I am looking into getting a jamis ventura (which I know isn't an awesome bike or anything, but it'll be my first road bike), and the sizes that I am looking into are a 59 and 62. I am 6'3'' and I have a 35.25 in. inseam when take that measurement the way w/ a book between your legs. I've had a chance to ride the 59 but I havent ridden the 62 because the shop doesn't have that size. I thinmk the 62 would have the right length TT but I dont know if I'll have much if any clearance over the TT. Thanks in advance.
Peace, Herms
Don't think. Know.Elefantino
Mar 24, 2002 10:21 PM
Have you been fit by the Jamis dealer? If so, I'm surprised. You might be in between sizes, but I'm hoping the dealer is not trying to sell you a 62cm sight unseen and unridden. That's a sucker sale, and you shouldn't be on the receiving end of it.

You can got to several web sites to get a better idea of fit (WrenchScience is one), but ultimately it's your butt on the bike that makes the call. If you're not sure about the 59 (sounds like you're not), and if they can't get you a 62 to take for a good, long test ride, find another bike ... or another bike shop.

Not familiar with Jamis geometry, butMcAndrus
Mar 25, 2002 4:40 AM
I'm 5'11" with a 35" inseam (yes, a stork). I ride a Bianchi and a Giant, both of which are 61cm C-T. They also both have 58.5cm top tubes, which fits my shorter torso well.

I can see where the 59cm might be a little small but I'd be suspicious that a 62cm might be too big. I'd definitely want to ride it before I bought it.