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violent bikers(11 posts)

violent bikersmwood
Mar 24, 2002 9:26 PM
Part of today's ride was up a hill (11 miles, 3849') fairly close to where I live, Mt. Diablo. This mountain can get a fair amount of auto traffic on weekends. The usual protocol involves riding in small groups (three of us today)and signaling cars when it is safe to pass, as the turns are predominately blind. Anyhow, every once in awhile there is the high idiot who feels the need to drive fast and generally screw with the cyclists. Needless to say we ran into one today, a Cadillac filled with 20 something males who passed on the inside of a blind curve (when I was giving the "hold up" signal because of a SUV coming the other way), cut in front of the lead rider, then gave us the finger...
Now, to my point: all three of us, good natured, family-type guys, immediately came out of our seats (as if to give chase) like we were ready to rumble. Forget the fact that we would have been pretty ineffective in our cycling shoes and shorts, or that our average age was around was just ridiculous to allow somebody, anybody, to mess with a wonderful day. Does anyone else reading this ever fall into the same trap?

It kind of parallels what has been happening the last couple of days on this discussion board, where a couple of idiotic posts have caused a number of participants to "come out of the seat" I'm pretty new to this site, but have been "lurking" long enough to have come to the conclusion that it is populated with a good bunch of people. However (there had to be a "however", right?), the last few days have once again proven that no online discussion is immune to bored, and boring, individuals who feel the need to be idiots. Why let them ruin a great day? Maybe if we all just ignore them (or him/her) they'll just go away faster, which is ultimately what we all would want if they can't act with decency.
re: violent bikersRayBan
Mar 25, 2002 5:43 AM
I USED to get very upset when driverws would pull stupid antics as you described. The dumber part of my antics was that I would give chase, flip the bird etc while riding alone. Nowadays if I react in anyway it's ussually by spreading my knees wide to adjust my cycling shorts ;). I do know that the more tired I am during a ride the less tollerant I become but like ya said how effective are you going to be standing there in a pai of cycling shoes and wielding a minipump or water bottle full of cytomax?!
Road/Board Rage -- it aint nothing new baby!Slipstream
Mar 25, 2002 6:50 AM
(I apologize in advance for being on a soapbox here (couldn't help it once I got started) and not adding anything that hasn't already been said many times before.)

From the chariot races in Ben Hur to Steinbeck's, "Grapes of Wrath" to Easy rider: the weaker have always been victims of the senseless and wreckless behavior of others.

I have been run off the road by pickup trucks, suvs and minivans; had cars run stop signs, hit me and leave without bothering to see if I needed help; had people call me a freakin' idiot simply because I was wearing lycra shorts--and all this just from my family! (just kidding)

Let's face it: riding is inherently dangerous and you need to take into consideration a ton of variables when riding. Situations can change in a split second; my wife is constantly reminding to check my temper--she worries that someone will blow me away if I overreact to what they do.

While I try to follow Mark Twain's advice, "When angry, count four; when really angry, swear," I too often get caught up in the moment: bad policy.

While this board allegedly represents a community with a common interest, it in some ways is not much different from what is experienced elsewhere--there are still those who are quick to anger, or, just like to get their jollies by provoking others (trolls).

Most people on this board have a lot of experience that they share in a thoughtful manner and you can learn a great deal from technical discussions. And there is nothing better than a heated debate. There is no excuse, however, for debasing or flaming others because they may disagree, be uninformed, not be as experienced, or be out of condition.

I did notice that the ones who seem to be the worse did not provide a profile of themselves in a recent update. I guess that says something in and of itself: some of these people would prefer to "lurk" in the shadows of cyberspace, not dissimilar to cockroaches. And when the light is shined on them they scatter or morph into another handle. But, these cockroaches have always been around and will always continue to be there. Like riding, it is our choice how we choose to deal with them.
re: violent bikersMiklos
Mar 25, 2002 7:01 AM
The way I would have reacted would have been to just ignore them. That way I would not have left them with any thing to brag about to their buddies, which lessens the chance of it happening again. Now a days, you just don't know how violent the situation will escalate to.

Breath deep........let it go!

re: violent bikerseschelon
Mar 25, 2002 7:09 AM
Don't be hard on yourself for feeling the way you did. Life sucks because we have to work, tend the kids, wife, house, bills, blah blah blah...when we all would rather ride our bikes everyday with no head wind on a clear and sunny warm day.

Since I have to manage my time wisely to be able to ride my bike, I don't take too kindly with anyone f##king with "my day". I carry two weapons with me...soon it will be 3, while out riding. Most of the time, I blow off whatever the snotheads do to make me madd, but for some inexplicable reason, I do lose my cool and respond in kind to my enemies. And my enemies usually keep on driving away. But someday, there will be a convergence where the enemy driver will not keep on driving away and will stop his car, get out and attempt to assault me, then I will have to stop short of killing this punk...or him killing me...don't matter, my state law dictates that in any confrontation, I have a legal duty to retreat...funny thing is, you can't retreat against someone chasing you down in a car, when basically, wherever you retreat to, the car can chase you down much faster than you can ever run or ride your bike.

I only pray that the convergence of fates I mentioned never ever happens...but hey, if I die from that confrontation, at least I was doing something that I loved doing: cycling.

Finally, this remark from me is probably going to arouse many flames along with all the goodie-too-shoes and their save the world mentality...along with their many useless advice like: "go make a police report". I used to be a police officer...those kind of reports don't go anywhere.

God, sometimes, I think the goodie-too-shoes bikers and their useless "feel-good" advice is worse than the punks in their cars and suv's...but that's another story.
Hmm--any recommendations on what weapons to carry? ;>) nmSlipstream
Mar 25, 2002 7:19 AM
hey, I have a save the world mentality, butsalmonwheel
Mar 26, 2002 10:18 AM
my mechanism involves chasing down and putting the fear of god into drivers that provoke me ; ). I will not nod and accept this behavior. No one yells at me anywhere else in my life, why do I need to take it when I'm riding my bike.

Actually I try to keep my cool, but I'm not very good at it. (don't tell my wife)
They preach running away, then give you a speeding ticket for itLeisure
Mar 27, 2002 5:15 PM
I also think the whole running away thing is a load of crap. How do you run from someone who's chasing you without A) further undermining your own safety and B) breaking the law in another way? Seems to me like they only preach it to make their own jobs easier. If you skid off the road and hurt yourself they can claim it's your own fault, but if they hit you the "authorities" have to make a decision and enforce it. While there are all sorts of "nice strategies" that can help people avoid making situations of rage worse, the fact is every once in a while some idiot really does have it in for you and there's nothing you can do to avoid it. The last situation where I got yanked into a road-rage situation completely destroyed any respect I had for the "justice" system. I'm not surprised at all when you say "reports don't go anywhere". It just more evidence of where law is really going. Not to offend your previous occupation or anything.
SERENITY NOW!!! ;) nmraboboy
Mar 25, 2002 7:21 AM
But you did the right thing.tempeteKerouak
Mar 25, 2002 8:10 AM
Just sit back down and keep on enjoying the day.

I know this will sound corny or cheezy to some, but you make a difference in this world by staying calm.

Just like you make the world a better place when you hold it instead of blowing the car horn agressively. Funny how people forget the horn is a warning tool, not a patronizing extention of our rightousness.
I agree!!rollo tommassi
Mar 25, 2002 8:22 AM
I too, try to "turn the other cheek", but sometimes I wish I can bust someones chops first!!

"Forgive them, for they know not what they do".