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Would someone please 'splain me what is meant by "float"?(7 posts)

Would someone please 'splain me what is meant by "float"?MVN
Mar 24, 2002 8:13 PM
I'm not sure what "float" means in terms of cleat-to-pedal contact. I've seen descriptions of "3 degrees", up to "9 degrees", but I'm unclear on it. Does it mean lateral, like how much your foot can move side-to-side in the pedal, or am I completely wrong? Thanks for your time.
float = yaw (if you know anything about aircraft) nmmduell
Mar 24, 2002 9:04 PM
Mar 24, 2002 9:30 PM
For most pedals, "float" refers to the degrees of rotational freedom which the cleat has (i.e., how many degrees you can rotate your foot before the pedal disengages). Float generally ranges from 0 degrees (some of the look cleats) to 27 or more degrees (Speedplay). The exception being Time pedals, which, in addition to rotational float, offer some lateral float (i.e., parallel to the pedal spindle) as well.
27*!! good lord...nm...dustin73
Mar 24, 2002 11:29 PM
27*!! good lord...nm...Chen2
Mar 25, 2002 7:55 AM
Have you ever ridden flat platform pedals with no clips or cleats. They have unlimited float.
hah! do sports drs get a commission on speedplays?ColnagoFE
Mar 25, 2002 8:14 AM
Everytime you hear someone going to a sports medicine dr they always some away with speedplays.
Float 'splained ..........sort ofdavet
Mar 24, 2002 9:36 PM
Think of this. If your pedals had no float it would be as if your foot could not move while clipped in. With 'float' your foot is allowed to move horizontally, toes in or toes out, towards or away from the bike, pivoting around the pedal/cleat engagment. The importance of float is that not everyone is constructed the same and your feet, ankles and knees need to align themselves as the pedals are rotated. Some riders can develop tremendous knee problems when there is not enough float to accomodate them. The degrees of float for a pedal are exactly that, how many degrees your foot can pivot horizontally before it is stopped from moving further. I hope this 'splains it O.K.