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Shoe/Pedal Compatability Help(1 post)

Shoe/Pedal Compatability HelpSharkman
Mar 24, 2002 4:12 PM
I have a pair of Diadora road shoes, I think maybe ICS model? (that's what appears on the shoe other than the Diadora name). Currently they have look cleats on them.

I want to look at standardizing all my bikes on the same pedal system, and the other two bikes are Shimano SPD (one's a tandem I ride with my kids and wife, the other is my old Klein). Can I put SPD pedals on the Diadora's? They appear to have a three bolt pattern.

If I want to switch to SPD-R, will the Diadora's accomodate that too? Any words of advice on the relative merits of SPD-R versus the plain old SPDs?

Or should I be looking at some other type of pedal? Most of my riding is long training rides, centurys, etc. Occaisonally time trial, and one day my try criterium racing. But now mostly just for fun and training.

Thanks in advance all for your thoughts.