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Brooks advice(13 posts)

Brooks adviceMe Dot Org
Mar 23, 2002 10:31 PM
I'm putting together some equipment for an old style lugged frame, and I thought it would be nice to have a Brooks saddle.

I currently ride a Terry Fly, and my old bike had a Terry Liberator (Slightly Wider). I'm guessing that The Brooks line would be Swift, Pro and B-17 as small, medium and large.

Is the Pro the middle ground? I've heard that you have to ride leather a while before it conforms to you. Anything else I should know? I'm no lightwieght, right now about 180 pounds...
re: anythin else I should know?cyclopathic
Mar 24, 2002 1:13 AM
rain. you need to protect seat from overspray and getting soaked, also Brooks have really narrow round profile nose for my liking.
IMHO: Best saddlecoonass
Mar 24, 2002 5:31 AM
It took me several (~20) years to overcome the "That's hard as a rock---NO way, Jose!!" opinion of the Brooks saddle....then I got tired of wasting good money every 3-6 months on $70-$100 saddles, so I bought a Brooks Swift...absolutely love, when I ride, saddle discomfort NEVER even crosses my mind; as a matter of fact, saddle issues are no longer there, or even a thought...(my 'break-in' period was only about 100m....and yes, I also went the Terry route too, along with every manufacturer out there..) You'll also appreciate the patina of the Brooks as it ages.....just like your favorite baseball glove :))
IMHO: Best saddleharry hall
Mar 24, 2002 9:17 AM
Riding my first Brooks--a well-used Pro--in 25 years because it came with a used frameset I was given. Much much better than I remembered; it will get Proofhide and love!
re: Brooks advicecritmass
Mar 24, 2002 10:26 AM

For break-in and care:

The Swift Ti is the best saddle I've ever ridden.
I too ditched the Fly in favor of a Brooks...Lone Gunman
Mar 24, 2002 10:29 AM
heavy, yes. Will it cost me any penalty at the weight wienie convention? Not a member, won't be attending.

Pro= 160mm wide $85?
B-17N = 152mm wide $65?
Swift $+125? titanium in the rails?

All are over 500 grams I think, but comfort is not negotiable on a long ride.
re: Brooks advicePjkad
Mar 24, 2002 12:19 PM
Also consider the Lepper Voyager Ti leather saddle, which is lighter than equivalent Brooks and a great shape for me. I ordered it from Europe, which was painless ( about $100 with shipping) and so far I am liking it more and more after each ride. Harris carries it in the US but they don't have stock and don't carry the black color.
Thank you one and allMe Dot Org
Mar 24, 2002 10:46 PM
The Honey Brooks Swift Ti is first in my heart and last in my pocketbook. Seems that Brooks prices are a little cheaper in England, so I might combine the Saddle with a tire order.

I should say that I'm not unhappy with my Terry Fly. It took me a week or so to get used to it but now it is quite comfortable. The only saddle marriage I had to annul was the Selle Italia TriMatic which came with my Bianchi Veloce. That saddle never felt right.

Anyway, the Brooks Swift just looks like God intended a racing saddle to look. Like Borrani wire wheels on a proper sports car...
re: Brooks adviceDINOSAUR
Mar 24, 2002 10:46 PM
I have a Brooks Team Pro, it didn't work for me. I couldn't get it to dial in with the geometry of my Klein. The long break-in period is over drawn. My Brooks felt comfortable from the start. I've read that you can over treat the leather and cause it to prematurely break down. Yes, it will conform to you, and the longer you use if the more comfortable it becomes. The Swift model has ti rails, I beleive and is lighter than the Pro. It might work great with your old bike. Give it a try...don't worry about the weight...
One more thing...DINOSAUR
Mar 25, 2002 3:47 PM
The large copper rivets on the Brooks Team Pro will eat up your cycling shorts like there is no tomorrow. Expect them to be shot after one season...
Heavy, overpriced, not good in rain, need to be "broken in"ColnagoFE
Mar 25, 2002 8:25 AM
They work for some people and more power to 'em, but I'm more comfortable on a lightweight Flite or SLR and I don't have to rub "proofhide" into my saddle all the time. Also if I get stuck in the rain I don't have to worry my seat will shrink or get ruined. I don't get the Brooks thing unless you can't find a conventional saddle that fits ya or you are way into retro.
It's easy.Steve98501
Mar 25, 2002 11:31 AM
I got tired of wasting my money on uncomfortable saddles. My Brooks B-17 was comfortable from the first ride - 82 miles. The weight is irrelavent in the context of comfort on any ride over 50 miles. The price was comparable to other saddles I've bought. I've drenched it on century rides; it dries out in a day or two. A little proofhide or other leather treatment is far less maintenance than cleaning and lubing my chain. The upshot is that there is no practical downside with a Brooks saddle. It's all about comfort. The more comfortable I am on my bike, the more I ride it. Double centuries and endurance rides now that were unthinkable with other saddles.
would not work for meRideLots
Mar 25, 2002 12:20 PM
Last year I bought a Brooks Swift ti rail, but could not get comfortable on it or get it broken in. It felt like I was sitting on concrete. By contrast, my Selle Italia SLR (the 135 gram version) felt comfy from the first mile, and I did the 508 with them on both bikes. Go figure.