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Close to buying a new bike: Feedback requested:-)(1 post)

Close to buying a new bike: Feedback requested:-)akjohn
Mar 23, 2002 1:31 PM
Greetings all.

I am getting back into cycling after being only a casual participant in the sport for several years. Currently, I am in the process of earning my new bike by putting in regular time on my trainer. My goal is to eventually (perhaps late this summer) complete my first century. The following summer I plan to do a few. :-)

I have narrowed my frame search to either quality steel or carbon. Of course, fit is everything. However, comfort (for a Masters age guy like me) is also important.

I recently had a great conversation with Gary at GVH. What an interesting and knowledgeable person! He was willing to spend time answering all of my questions about his frames and others that he does not carry. His prices are very competitive and I like the Viner Pro Team frame.

Before I make a purchase decision I would appreciate hearing from owners of Viner steel frames, especially from a rider of the steel Pro Team frame. Weight, ride, finish etc. I read some of the earlier posts about the Pro team.just checking to see if there are additional Viner Pro Team owners out there.

Also, I would appreciate opinions about steel vs carbon in a rainy climate. I will be living in a rainy climate for the next couple of years. I'm sure that carbon would require less maintenance. But, I figure that a quality steel bike will hold up just fine provided I keep it lubricated and clean it after riding in the rain.

Lastly, I would appreciate hearing from EPX owners or folks who have experience with EPX bikes. EPX makes a cool carbon bike (I was looking at the 303). How does it compare in quality with Trek's 5200?

Thanks in advance for the information.