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Saddle fit(2 posts)

Saddle fithayaku
Mar 23, 2002 6:16 AM
Are there any basic rules about fitting a saddle shape?

I am currently riding a flight TT which I find comfortable for fairly short rides. It is a cream colour so I can see wear on the sides towards the rear and mid-edges, does this mean I need a thinner saddle? Durring a LT level workout my hamstrings seem to rub alot against the saddle just under my butt cheeks. I think that I may need a saddle with a wider mid-section(to support my ichial tuberosities in a more foward possition), or maybe a skinnier saddle over all.

I have been giving it alot of thought but can't come up with any answers. The reviews on the Selle Italia SLR on this site are very favorable however, a little hard to believe. And the reviews on the Flight Gel are pretty poor, similarly a little confusing.

Any opinions or advice would be great, thanks.
there are no rules...C-40
Mar 23, 2002 7:01 AM
If you find one that's comfortable, buy several while you can. Other than that it's a total crap shoot.

I couldn't believe how uncomfortable a Max Flight Gel was. Hard as a rock. I even resorted to slicing the underside of the shell (in a lot of places) in an effort to get the shell to give a little more under my 135lb. weight.

I don't think that the wear pattern means that you need a narrower saddle. I've used saddles like the SDG Comp Ti that's a little wider than some, and never saw the wear that I've seen on some narrower models. Of course the Kevlar cover may have been a factor. Kevlar fabric doesn't suffer from the wear that leather does.