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Just wondering...anybody ever start hearing cars?(16 posts)

Just wondering...anybody ever start hearing cars?cory
Mar 22, 2002 4:28 PM
Just out of curiosity, does anybody else ever suddenly start thinking about, say, the number of morons you see in badly driven SUVs and the number of people talking on cell phones while they eat a Big Mac with the other hand...and pretty soon you can FEEL that Dodge Ram boring in on your back?
It's not a big deal, and it's nowhere near enough to scare me off the bike. Once or twice a year, though, I feel myself getting moderately gripped: "I've been doing this for 30 years, and some day something's BOUND to happen."
Hits more often off the bike, at 3 in the morning, than when I'm riding, and doesn't seem to have anything to do with cars actually present--I like sprinting and dodging in city traffic, for instance. Anybody else out there got an imagination?
Plenty of close callsAhimsa
Mar 22, 2002 5:00 PM
So far no one has....well, I'll refrain from saying it as I am a bit superstitous.

What took me off the bike for a little while was my run in a few months back with a a gun toting pick up truck driver who picked me randomly to harass. I was a little edgy for a couple weeks.

The way I see it is that the thing that makes me consider stopping is the same thing that keeps me on the bike, that fear. Why give in to the fear of what MIGHT be? Once you let that demon in the door it will slowly shut down your life until you are crippled by the threat of "possible worst case scenarios".

Life is risk. Life is chaos. We must move on.

What good is a life in which you avoid all that you enjoy in order to go on living?

I will say that on occasion it strikes me that any unhinged creep can grab a car at anytime and run me down for no reason. It's the loose cannons that do not adhere to the basic principles of society that scare me. Our fabric of protection is only as strong as the values of those who choose to follow it's rules.

Although I should probably place that fear on the much more common reckless and incompetent drivers that I encounter daily.

Which is the greater evil? The rare monstrous ticking bomb, or the multitudes of inconsiderate "accidental" killers?

Mar 22, 2002 5:26 PM
I ride in rural areas. But yesterday while on a ride I stopped to eat half a bagel and check my tires. I was well off of the road on a dirt shoulder. I was bending over, traffic side, and a guy in a pickup truck blew past me going so fast, it was like a sonic blast. It almost knocked me off my feet. He must have been trying to see how close he could come to not hitting me. A reminder for me to stay away from the traffic side and watch my rear, even while not riding. I think the biggest problem is a lack of courtesy, driving with binders on, and only thinking about getting from point A to point B as quick as possible. The biggest offenders seem to be pickup truck drivers. For some reason they just don't like cyclist. Maybe it's a working man type thing, I drive a pickup myself...
Oh yes...dsc
Mar 22, 2002 5:45 PM
Pre-occupied soccer moms and yahoos in general, all driving land barges with absolutely NO idea where their passenger-side mirrors are (right beside my head, thank you very much).

But I do agree with you that, aside from the occasional jerk, the majority of the problems are simply due to inattentiveness and being SO worried about getting somewhere five minutes late...

Mar 22, 2002 5:43 PM
Mostly I 'revisit' an accident I had August 2000 when I was hit by a drunk trailering a camper. I was very fortunate with that one and sometimes the outcome isn't good 'when I go back there'.
I also tend to notice stupid things people do in cars, and how this would affect me on the bike. For example, this week I watched some idjut drive down my street with a bundle of 2x4's in the rear seat of his 2-dr car, and extending about 3' out the passenger window, bitchslap my mailbox at about 40mph. I only wish I had the box attached to a good-sized I-beam so I could have watched this fool eject through his windshield.
Missed opportunitiesAhimsa
Mar 22, 2002 6:12 PM
Gawd damn that would be so great! Too bad you didn't have stone mailbox.

Sounds like a perfect candidate for the Darwin awards. Sadly these tools are apparently looked after by the selfless Saint Dumbass, and often blunder thru life unscathed while leaving a wide swath of frustration and destruction in their meandering wake.

I bet you overbuild that mailbox anyway, although the opportunity is now passed.

I'd kill to see those 2 bys whirl round upon impact with your bomb proofed letter box and dope slap him so hard that you could read the lumber grade in the tattoo left in his scalp.

What justice! God has no divine sense of humour. Then again if he did I suppose I would have been consumed by rodents or killed by a falling piano a long time ago. ( ;\


yep, that'd be12x23
Mar 22, 2002 6:32 PM
one painful and much deserved tattoo. My neighbor was standing beside me as witness and asked why I was laughing so about the mailbox. I didn't share my thoughts with him, just shook my head and cleaned up the mess. :-0
slap him so hard that you could read the lumber grade in the tatbic
Mar 23, 2002 12:14 AM
god that is a great image!!
re: Just wondering...anybody ever start hearing cars?Lliduak
Mar 22, 2002 6:55 PM
I just wish they would ban all cars, and we would go to a society that relied on bicycles and other cleaner forms of transportation. We would all win. The roads would be safer, and the earth would be cleaner.
re: Just wondering...anybody ever start hearing cars?guido
Mar 22, 2002 8:05 PM
Every time I hear a car coming up behind, I instinctively check the shoulder and pull over a bit, about the time the sound comes close. I imagine the vehicle will not go around, but bounce me off the road with his right bumper. Just before the vehicle would hit me, I pull over a bike width and the vehicle misses.

This fantasy probably saved me at least twice, but no matter, being hit by a car from the rear is statistically rare. Most accidents happen when both parties are blowing through intersections or otherwise crossing paths. I watch all the cars in my field of vision and try to anticipate their moves. Easier to avoid them than make them avoid you. They don't see you for one thing, until you get right on them. They always underestimate your speed, and it takes them more of the road to maneuver or alter speed when you surprise them.

I call this the animal theory of urban travel. The smaller and weaker road users watch out for and defer right of way to the larger and stronger road users, purely as a matter of survival. On a bike it becomes almost instinctive, is part of the fun of riding, and when an accident occurs, it's like an athletic failure, a failure of coordination or attention, always correctible in the future, as one acquires ever greater mastery of this complex sport.
commute enough...merckx56
Mar 23, 2002 5:58 AM
to work and back and you will quickly learn to listen for cars, as well as look for them. you will learn to anticipate what the moron on the phone will do before he/she does it! i commuted for the better part of two years in jacksonville, fla. , and quickly learned that people are in way to big of a hurry to get nowhere. my wife worries about me riding and i explain that if i didn't get killed in the aforementioned, god-forsaken city, i'm probably safe in rural south carolina!
Hee hee hee hee Haa haa haa haa ho ho ho hocyclinseth
Mar 23, 2002 2:06 PM
It's a little crude, I know. But you get the picture. No pun intended
That's Not FunnyUncle Tim
Mar 23, 2002 7:39 PM
I had a run in today on a club ride with some jerk in a yuppiemobile who really put the squeeze to me and the guy who was riding 10 yards ahead of me. I thought he was going to hit him.

Since he had his sunroof open, he heard me yell at him to give us some room. He then rolled down his window, hit his brakes hard and pulled right along side me. I reiterated that he needed to give us some room. He proceded to yell at me saying "You need to ride single file!" I yelled back, "we are riding single file, you idiot." He yelled some more and I called him a bastard.

Even though I was mad enough to spit and I was ready to fight if he stopped the car and attacked me, there is no way I would even consider harming someone over an altercation like this. I surely don't have any silly gun fantasies nor do I think that's funny.

I bet you wouldn't laugh if you saw an illustration of a good ol' boy in a pick up truck shooting a gun at some cyclist.
Agreed; Mr. Spinny should be on the shoulder...Crankist
Mar 23, 2002 9:17 PM
...not in the middle of the road.
have you heard about story in Chicago?cyclopathic
Mar 24, 2002 12:58 AM
guy called driver a MoFo *just like you*
Well MoFo got back in his truck hit him couple times and then ran over.
I know about that story. Justice was served...Uncle Tim
Mar 24, 2002 6:51 PM
...though it doesn't give the life back to the poor victim of the crime.

I absolutely refuse to ride scared. If someone gets into my little bubble of safety - whether it's a result of rudeness or carelessness - I am gonna yell at them and let them know they are doing wrong. I think the reason that this last driver got angry is because I called him on the fact that he was driving foolishly and putting people at risk. Rather than to deal with this simple fact, he lashed out at me.

Today, I rode a nice rural century and never had a single problem with any driver. That's the way it should be. The vast majority of drivers are conscientious and understanding.