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What is the deal with Viner frames?(6 posts)

What is the deal with Viner frames?mwood
Mar 22, 2002 1:05 PM
From this messageboard, I've been directed to the GVH site, where I've checked out the frame inventory.
Seeing as I'd like to "retire" my Cannondale 2.8 and try a steel frame bike w/ a triple chainring (I'm not getting any younger and the mountains out here aren't getting any flatter), I'm impressed with the pricing on some of his build ups: Viner comp., Look fork, Ultegra triple etc. for around $1400...
Any real feedback on the Viner frames? ride? quality?
I'm also considering the Lemond Zurich, Cervelo Prodigy and Raleigh r700
Can't give you actual ride experienceMel Erickson
Mar 22, 2002 1:35 PM
but can tell you Viner has been around a long time. They're not a new, bandwagon type name. A friend carried them more than 10 years ago in his shop and I pined for one then. He since retired and sold his shop and the new owner doesn't carry them anymore. Quality steel bikes. I wouldn't hesitate considering a Viner.
re: What is the deal with Viner frames?Troyboy
Mar 22, 2002 1:59 PM
Firstly, I've never ridden one. Second, I have a friend who owns a shop who showed me the 2002 catalog for Viner. They are different models than what GVH has and are double the price. He might have some sort of arrangement with them. I would not hesitate to own one. I've always been quite fond of the T10 Pro Team V5. I like Altec tubing. I've not ridden an EOM tubed frame but the T13 is likely a mighty fine rig. Go for it I say! $1400 is a pretty good deal especially if some nice wheels are involved.
Gvh has an exclusive.....IAM
Mar 22, 2002 11:12 PM
on at least one model as I recall, this may be why the models aren't in the catalog. I seriously considered buying from him and his prices seem very good.
I sent Gary an e-mail and he responded right away and answered all of my questions.
This being my first road bike purchase I was very concerned about fit, and being in Canada I was worried about duty, taxes etc. I bought from my lbs and probably paid the same for slightly less but am quite happy with my fit and the bike.
If I upgrade or replace my bike in the future I would think of giving him my business.
consider a Tommasini Sintesi...C-40
Mar 23, 2002 6:24 AM
One of the finest classic Italian steel frames around. Not as cheap, but the quality of the paint and chrome is unmatched. I retired my C'dale 2.8 in '95 and got a Sintesi. Rode it for four seasons before moving on to (several) other models.

Colorado Cyclist carries the Sintesi, but only stocks them in 2cm increments, in one color. They are made in 1cm increments in many colors and graphic schemes. See more a
I have oneIcefrk13
Mar 24, 2002 10:17 AM
I just recieved it on Thursday night. Although I have about a mile on it it seems very well built. I have the Evolution w/reynolds Onzo Comp fork. With what little I have road it, it feels good and stiff. It seems a lot faster the my previous bike (2000 Trek 1000). I also like things that not everybody else has around here.