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OLN TdF Redux(7 posts)

OLN TdF ReduxNeedSpeed
Mar 22, 2002 12:41 PM
I'm in awe of the 2001 TdF mountain stages. With the added drama of the huge time gap from that strange breakaway earlier in the tour, you can see a sense of urgency in Lance and Postal to take huge time gaps out of the GC leaders in the mountains and a "best shape of his career" Ullrich trying to catch Armstrong. Stages 10-13 in particular were awesome. On stage 11, there was "The Look" after Telekom burned out everone but Jan for spending so much time at the front. There was the mountain TT of stage 12 when it looked like Ullrich dug deep to gain back a bit of time on Lance and then there was stage 13 when on the later climbs, Postal just destroyed the field when they sent Rubiera, Heras and Lance to the front. They set a pace that put two minutes on the chase group, splitting it. Then Ullrich attacked and Heras let Lance have at him. Tactically, who do you think was the better team? And does anyone think Postal will allow Heras, Rubierra or Hincapie to go for stage wins? (Also, if anyone taped stage 13, one creative Frenchman painted a rather large tribute to a particular part of the female anatomy right in the middle of the road of the last climb -- before Ullrich crashed). I can't wait until the Classics and then the Grand Tours this year. If your cable company doesn't have OLN, pitch it and dish it. Nowhere else in the U.S. can you see this much pro cycling LIVE on TV.
graffitti + sleaze + art + sport + humor + television = LOLSpirito di Finocchio
Mar 22, 2002 1:04 PM
re: the female genitalia grafitti as viewed from the overhead camera angle following the tour riders.

the percursor to this was a vey detailed and craftily painted grafitti image of male genitalia which was deftly configured so thet the "bell end" or darth vader helmet was pointed not only in the direction that the riders were travelling but lso to the above mentioned female inspired art.

of course noted by me as i am the more insecure of our species the penis was much smaller than the vagina....and the penis was clearly in the style of someone like keith haring whereas the vagina was more in the heavy detailed malais of an artsist like kenny scharf. but both simple, effective and noticable renderings.

the coolest thing is that the riders that the camera was following rode directly over them both so one couldnt help avoid the artwork even in a subliminal sense. and the spacing of about 60-80 yards was perfect as well.

given enough cote du rhone i would have done a similarly imspired style of artwork as they are easily picked up by camera where the words sometimes miss their impact.

but with respect to the riders how can they concentrate with all the goons almost on top of them whilst they are at close to their maximum exertion point - that must be hard.

and also is it me or are all the fans that line the route really short. i could have sworn i saw a midget as well a few nights ago. maybe short french people on average are the biggest supporters of cycling classics.

maybe its just the camera angle.......
re: short peoplecyclopathic
Mar 22, 2002 1:26 PM
spanish are really short (I am at 5'6" was above avg in Spain), I'd guess southern france ain't that different.

With respect to "art work" do you care to go to France in July? Touring bike + sleeping bag /news papers make good bad, the whole world shall see your artwork! 8-P
not if involves a tent built for 2Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 22, 2002 1:51 PM
i am trying to organize and free myself of of my material chains. the aim being a lot of touring and a bit of working accros the pond and roaming round on a bike. it would be a dream to follow and be there for some of the tour.

id love to give MR. graham watson a run for his money as i think i come up with some great pics and better angles. id like to show more movement and feel.

i really wish they allowed a bike cam and let chosen riders use under uci weight bikes so that it wouldnt be a disadvantage. or maybe a fresh pro rider each day who is not on a tour team but fast enough to hang with the pack for a day just to be in position for the footage. the technology exists.

the motorbike footage is fantastic but imagine a camera mounted on the handlebars or the from the seat looking back and the live shots it could show from within the pack or the paceline. now that would be something!!!!

if im a good boy and smart with my money, organised and pick up a few things from the rivendell catalogue (carradice, baggins boxy, long quill stem) i could well be there ... fingers crossed. some of the time i have spent in smaller villages in the south of france have been the most enjoyable and content moments of my life. i always long to be there. simplicity of life, best produce, brilliant wine, stunning countryside and french women....ahhhh ... and if bored spain is just down the road to enjoy more of the same but different ;-)

who knows?
re: tent?cyclopathic
Mar 22, 2002 3:13 PM
it's too bulky to carry around. 2 pairs of cycling shorts, a few trash bags and local newspapers to make bad, panniers.. 2 blinkies and trusty Cateye. Performance and Walmart to fill the shopping list. Pers I wouldn't spend $$ on rivendell you can pick Reynolds 520/SORA KHS or Iron Horse for 400-500$ who cares if it gets stolen? Trains are cheap if you need to do long hall in short time.

the friend of mine had done it after riding PBP.. I might do it next year
actually....Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 22, 2002 5:46 PM
the bike is definately not from rivendell
lets just say its pretty and still race oriented. rivedell would be a source for a longer stem (more upright), bags and a few bits.

but reading a little about henry klingman and his touring set up (15 pounds - food, sleeping bag, tent, cookware, stove, tools, radio, tube, spare tire, light, spare parts, clothes, camera, maps, baggins boxy, carradice longflap, mounting cinches, lock and knick knacks) is all without panniers an heavy equipment weighing a bike down. ill be looking to do the same.

a 14-28 freewheel ( six speed) and 38 and 46 rings will probably be the motor dept. i better start doing some climing on the fixed gear now.

only if im a good boy and plan well.
I'll bet triples start looking pretty good ;)cyclopathic
Mar 22, 2002 7:46 PM
don't forget mnt bike pedals and shoes, drop the tent (trashbags are as good and you can count on chicken barns or cheap 30-50$ hotels once in a while).

a few notes:
- extra spokes (tape to chainstays and fork)
- bottle or hub generator (no spares to carry)
- first aid kit
- bulm bag in film container for sores
- baby wipes in ziplock to clean up (road rush or if no shower)
- a few pages from phrase book
- kevlar belt tires (or Conti duraskins? Specialized armadillos?)
- cookware/stove? hmm I think I've seen a stove (shell dubbed as a pot) in mil surplus store.
- chicken broth cubes