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Jersey sizing question(4 posts)

Jersey sizing questionhaydensimons
Mar 22, 2002 8:16 AM
Hi guys,
I know this sounds like a complete newbie question! I've been spending every dime on my bike, and nothing on my attire. I wouldn't know what a chamois felt like! Well, I've read the discussion on bibs and guess I'm going to try a pair of them and a pair of shorts (it would be taboo to wear bibs on a swim in a tri...wouldn't it?). That part is pretty easy because there are waist sizes to go by. The jerseys I'm looking at however are s, m, l, xl. What size do I get? I normally wear xl shirts but I know I don't want my jersey that big. I'm guessing they run small. My chest dimension across my nips is 40 inches. Thanks!
Hayden ~newbie ;-)
Large for Giordanaonespeed
Mar 22, 2002 8:18 AM
my advice ...FWIWtarwheel
Mar 22, 2002 9:07 AM
There is little consistency in sizing for bike clothes, particularly comparing brands made in Europe with those from the US. European jerseys and shorts tend to fit small (actually very small), unless you like to wear clothes so tight they practically choke you. Voler, Performance and Pearl Izumi fit the closest to standard American sizes. Check out voler's website at They have good sizing charts, very good quality jerseys and shorts and bibs, and reasonable prices. They also include a postage paid envelope so you can exchange or return the clothes if they don't fit.

If you want to try you luck with European clothes, check out They have a large selection of pro jerseys and shorts, and good sizing charts, and fair prices. My problem is that the European jerseys are too long if I get the correct chest measurement.

If you just want inexpensive jerseys or shorts without a bunch of logos and graphics, has good clothing for very good prices and it fits. Pearl Izumi is much more expensive but well made. Pearl is the only bike clothing I've found that seems to fit large.
Sizes are different for different manu's. Try some on.bill
Mar 22, 2002 9:15 AM
I normally wear large shirts, and most larges of most manu's fit me, even though some are roomier than others. You need to check -- "pro-fit" or something like that is the tighter stuff. Giordana, for example, also makes, gosh, I forget what they call it, but it's something like "fit to be worn" or something (a little catchier than that) that is fairly roomy in the same large size.
One thing that I found -- when you are used to loose-fitting, GAP-sized clothes, you will start out feeling ridiculous in form-fitting jerseys. Then, after you get used to it, you start to appreciate the form-fitted stuff. What seems small at first starts to seem normal. Of course, I think part of that is because I was a bit fatter when I started out.