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Best Bike for the money(12 posts)

Best Bike for the moneynochrono
Mar 20, 2002 7:46 PM
I'm planning on making a few cross country trips and was wondering what the best bike would be. I need something durable, comfortable, and light. I've been looking at Cannondale's Silk Warrior, but if there's a better bike either from Cannondale's line or some other companies line, I'd sure like to know about it. Please advise!
re: Best Bike for the moneygtx
Mar 20, 2002 8:13 PM
I'd look at a Jeff Lyon Excursion, available at a good price here:
re: Best Bike for the moneyErnie1212000
Mar 20, 2002 8:32 PM
How much money do you have to spend? I'm a mountain biker who just bought a road bike for riding cross country, and the Lemond Zurich is a good bike for the money. Nice steel frame for long days in the saddle and Ultegra components for light weight and no hassels. Can be found at most LBS for around $1,800. How will you carry your gear? Trailer...racks? I'm using a trailer and was scared of aluminum due to the stress of an 80lb trailer on the rear triangle and aluminum's shorter fatigue life.
Best buy: LekleisevserrottrekwinnalizedCrankist
Mar 20, 2002 8:35 PM
ask henry klingmanSpirito di Finocchio
Mar 20, 2002 8:58 PM

he also has the fastest unsupported time for the paris - brest - paris.

dont laden yourself with too much stuff.
and why cannondale....Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 20, 2002 9:10 PM

mercian make some great and very well priced frames perfectly suited to touring with eyelets for fenders and clearance for wider wheels. they are keen to deal direct, you choose your colors and they can build it up with whatever you want but i suggest build it up yourself and to your liking. did i say TA crankset and harris cyclery?

for a cross country trip steel makes sense. think of it as a cut priced rivendell.
try a Mercier - better bike and less moneycentury2
Mar 21, 2002 1:36 AM
I recently got a Mercier Serpens - it is a little nicer than a Lemond Zurich - and I paid $1200 with FULL ULTEGRA
~~ I think everyone agrees Cannondale is the wrong way to go. Question is which high grade steel bike. I do not think at $1200 anything touches the Mercier - see at
try a Mercier - better bike and less moneygaleek
Mar 21, 2002 10:05 AM
Century2, I saw the website of cyclesamercier, Serpens is listed for $1600. I'm wondering where you get it for $1200. BTW, how much does the bike weigh. Just curious. Thanks
try a Mercier - better bike and less money - at LBScentury2
Mar 22, 2002 1:58 PM
think comfort, not lightnesstarwheel
Mar 21, 2002 6:00 AM
If you're considering cross country trips, forget the Cannondale. They might be comfortable enough for training rides around town, but I certainly wouldn't want to ride long days in the saddle, day after day on an aluminum frame. You also probably want something with eyelets so you could add fenders, panniers, etc., if necessary. The Jeff Lyon Excursion at GVH, mentioned above, is an incredible deal. Also look at the Lyon Sportster also sold by gvh. Lyon also has his own web site, which is worth checking out.

The LeMond steel bikes have a reputation for being very comfortable and are a good value -- if they geometry fits you right. Many cyclists find them too stretched out for comfort, and they are more set up for racing and won't have eyelets for mounting things. Litespeed makes some touring style ti frames that you can sometimes find on sale, or buy used for good prices on eBay. Think steel or ti, if you can afford it. Don't get an aluminum frame for that sort of riding unless you have a high tolerance for discomfort.
Lyon production bikes.dzrider
Mar 21, 2002 7:51 AM
The geometry on mine is quite similar to LeMonds, which are also available with eyelets. The Lyon chainstays are longer but the top tube length and seat angle are much the same. That being said, the Lyon rides smoother and feels considerably more stable on rough roads. I attribute some of that to the long chainstays and some to the steel fork which, I believe, does a better job holding the front wheel on the road than carbon fiber forks do.

IMHO, the best value for bike tourists come from buying comfort, durablility, and simplicity. Forget about shocks. Consider down tube or bar end shift levers, fenders, 36 spoke wheels, big tires and pedals with clips and straps. Find a seat that you love!
Cannondale BashingAlphaDog
Mar 21, 2002 11:49 PM
I like my Cdale R600. It was a great deal, and rides nice. I agree its not as supple as a steel or Ti bike, but the rear wheel never hits the frame under hard sprints or standing climbs like a cheaper steel/ti bike will. I made my Cdale ride smoother with some 25c tires and a nice saddle. I do 40-50 miles all the time with no problem. Don't be afraid of Cannondale for road bikes. I must say I hate the propritaryness(is that a word?) of their MTB's.

I rode the Lemond too. The Zurich is a nice bike, but the seating position is really far back. I didn't like it at all.

Buy a bike that fits, thats what really matters. You can make any bike you buy ride smoother with tires/seats, but you can't fix problems like flexy stays.