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I translated the Martinez article with the Google translater(3 posts)

I translated the Martinez article with the Google translaterAhimsa
Mar 20, 2002 6:14 PM
First from french to english. Then from english back to french. Then french to english again, and then english to italian, and finally back to english. Enjoy.

Presentation: "they are called Miguel Martinez, I have begun the bicycle to the 10 old years and then having enchainé the victories, I could catch up the tolerance of the level raised to my executions. I will have 26 17 years after January and I have lived in Mandelieu for a month."

Where you have undertaken your medal of olympic gold?

"it is in a strong log! I make many movements and too much are frightened to lose it. That I often arrives to times to turn in order to see it, it is like heart that it strikes."

You have officially signed yours contracted with Mapei?

"that it will take part officially in the week. It will be Mapei to 100% for the road and not there is question to go in Panaria. I must only work with full Dynamix for the VTT and on the sense I will be to Mapei."

He is you that they have gone towards Mapei or the inverse one?

"it is Mapei that if it is put it in contact with past june. Appellé I then I the contact has maintained they with. In september, I have made one run international opened in Italy and have rifinito more best to raise striking it the professionals. According to those, paufiné of the contract with Mapei up to now for the official company the next week. It is for me special occasions."

Which it will be financially intéresant for you, the VTT or the road?

"that it will not change. They have arrived to the advanced part for the VTT to the level of the estimate and this not evolve/move for the road. For me, it is more a issue than motivation, I it would be ready to pay to participate to the turret of France! I introduce very little advantages with Mapei that with full Dynamix."

There are approaches to you from other squares of for?

"yes from Banesto three years it is here but they were to he too much soon then. They have renewed the contact to me after that the Olympic Games in 2000 but me we did not accept because they have wished that they are established in Spain."

Thoughts that others vetetists follow your example and child's step the road here over?

"task which will depend on my executions."

You are already a program of control introduced from Mapei?

"yes, I carry out a job of the force, a muscular job in the room. All in order to prepare the season of the road, my first competition that is considered 2 February with Majorque."

Which it is your main objective on the road? The shirt with the peas on the lathe loves your father of Mariano?

"it is a dream for the shirt with the peas but it is necessary to be realistic. To the beginning it will learn like controlling my efforts, it is a new world. They are divided between fear and desire to do good. He is no-demands me the permission for, I goes with the adventure but I will make more best than me the latta one."

The turn frighten you?

"yes and not! They are ready to make that impossible one for being the level but I leave in the disowned one."

Between a Victoria of the phase to the turn and the shirt with the peas, than they choose them?

"task that chooses the shirt with the peas like my father and Jalabert."

How much time you are give to you in order to succeed on the road?

"two years are given. The test will be of being able to fuoriuscire in one phase from the mountain."

During some years to come, you will turn yourselves with the VTT?

"if not way on the road, I would turn myself with the VTT and I would earn all, poichè I have made the part front."

Thoughts to participate to the OJ of Atene in 2004? In VTT or on the road?

"I would be to Atene for the VTT, it are sure. In more, it is great an interrogative point for the road."
Part 2Ahimsa
Mar 20, 2002 6:20 PM
Which thing on the sense is your program and VTT for 2002?

"for the VTT race, I will participate in three handles of the cup of the world in Europe and in it samples you of the world in Austria. For the road, it begins with three days of the race in Majorque in February. As from March to you open them, I will be coupled on the arrow of Wallone and on a lot of the race international in Italy, in june, it is the turret of Switzerland then turret of France in July. It is approximately the program to the study with Mapei."

It is exclusively the external cycle, than the program great turns of Mapei?

"it is to make with precision all the great turns. These tests are omnipresent, are the appointments not to lack. We are 40 runners in the square we are here therefore labour to make the three. Every runner has a specific order for one great turn."

Es you rather like than torture than order?

"yes, I must make always still more than that what is demanded. In this moment, my program standard happens: the wide awake-morning with 9h, the departure with the order with 10h for an escape of 3h (90km), the rests of the meal 15h (protein, verdure...) then the TV and I is recharged from carbohydrates."

Which he is the runner who impresses them more?

"I admire Laurent Jalabert, it I have steel moral. He is a man of the experiment and is much good in relative head."

Wow. Truer words were never spoken.

Cheers to you, you world travelin' continental types!

A. (Wearing the shirt with the peas and thinking of you.)
Here's a real translation. You can thank me later.Uncle Tim
Mar 20, 2002 9:37 PM
Monday, December 24, 2001

Here are some of the best parts of the chat with Miguel Martinez, live on Velo 101:

Intro: I am Miguel Martinez, I started riding when I was 10 and after having run off some wins, I was able to rise to the top level of cycling. I will be 27 on the 17th of next January and I have been living in Mandelieu for a month.

Where have you kept your Olympic Gold Medal?

It's in a strongbox! I misplace lots of things and I am too afraid of losing it. I often get the urge to go and look at it, it's like a beating heart.

Have you officially signed a contract with Mapei?

That will get done officially in a week. It will be 100% Mapei on the road and it's not an issue about going with Panaria. I must ride with Full Dynamix only on mountain and on the road I will be with Mapei.

Did you contact Mapei or was it the other way around?

Mapei contacted me last June. They called me then I kept in contact with them. In September, I competed in an Open international race in Italy and I finished the best climber, beating professionals. After that, I negotiated the contract with Mapei that I will officially sign next week. It's a great opportunity for me.

Which is the most financially appealing to you, mountain biking or the road?

That won't change. I risen to to the top of the mountain biking, in terms of prize money, and this hasn't yet happened for me on the road. For me, it's more an issue of motivation, I would be ready to pay in order to participate in the Tour de France! The advantages for me are much less with Mapei than with Full Dynamix.

Have you been appraoched by other pro teams?

Yes, another team approached me three years ago but I wasn't ready yet. They recontacted me after the 2000 Olympic Games but I didn't accept becasue they wanted me to settle in Spain.

Do you think that other mountain bikers will follow your example and go to road racing?

I think that will depend upon my performances.

Are you already following a training program prepared by Mapei?

Yes, I am doing some strength work, muscle work in the gym. All that will prepare me for the road season, my first race being on feb 2 in Majorque.

What is your principl goal on the road? The Polka Dot on the Tour like your father Mariano?

It's a dream to win the Polka Dot but I have to be realistic. I've got to learn to guage my efforts, it's a new world. I'm torn between fear and the desire to do well. That's a bonus for me, I'm going on an adventure but I am going to do the best I can do.

Does the Tour scare you?

Yes and no! I'm ready to give it my all to be at the top level, but I am going a little into the unknown.

Between a stage win and the Maillot a Pois, which would you choose?

I think I would take the Polka Dot like my father and Jalabert.

How much time do you give yourself to be successful on the road?

I give myself two years. The test will be to break away on a mountain stage.

In the years to come, will you come back to mountain biking?

If it's not working for me on the road, I'll go back to mountain biking and win everything, just like I did before.

Are you thinking about competing in the 2004 Olympic games in Athens? Mountain bike or road?

I would be in Athens for mountian biking, that's for sure. On the other hand, that's a big question mark for road cycling.

What is your plan for road and mountain biking for 2002?

For the mountain bke races, I will compete in the three parts of the World Cup in Europe and the World Championships in Austria. In road cycling, I will start with three days of racing in Majorque in February. From March to April, I'll be participate in Flech Wallone and in several international races in Italy, in June, it will be the Tour of Switzerland then the Tour de France in July. We're talking about a plan worked out with Mapei.

Aside from the Grande Boucle, what is Mapei's plan f