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CAAD 4 vs. Giant Compact Frame(9 posts)

CAAD 4 vs. Giant Compact Frameswinman
Mar 20, 2002 5:15 PM
Which is the better frameset? The CAAD 4 with Slice Prodigy carbon fork or the Giant TCR One with carbon fork.
Mar 20, 2002 6:13 PM
I'm terribly biased, no? but the Giant is probably lighter, and the compact frame should make it stiffer. and there is no nicer stock fork than the one on the TCR.
Define "better"Elefantino
Mar 20, 2002 7:16 PM
Better value? (What are the prices?)

Better ride? (Have you ridden them?)

Better fit? (C'dale has multiple sizes, while Giant gets by with three sizes and differint seat post heights and stem lengths to cover the 48-62 range.)

Better made? (Neither is in danger of falling apart)

Seriously ... it's difficult to answer such an open-ended question. What's "better" for you may be horrible for someone else, and vice versa. The knock on "compact" frames like the Giant is that their ride, particularly in the small size, is more unforgiving over longer distances than the C'dale. Others say that is hogwash, and that the Giant is a better climbing bike because it's lighter and stiffer.

Mar 20, 2002 7:31 PM
CAAD 4 framset is $450 from GVH bikes online. (I can get the get the CAAD 4 w/ Ultegra for $1390.)

Giant TCR One frameset is $640 from LBS. (I can get the Giant which comes with Ultegra for $1799.)

I rode the Giant today at the LBS, however, they did not have a CAAD 4 to ride. I did ride the CAAD 5 w/shimano 105. I couldn't really feel a lot of differnce between the two bikes. Then again I'm new to this, so what am I looking to find in the ride?
re: Clarificationcyclopathic
Mar 20, 2002 10:35 PM
it would be hard to say on 15min ride. Both frames are stiff, Cdale will probably last longer (not that you're likely to see either frame fail)

From what you can get Cdale sounds like better deal. 2-3 years down the road Cdale will have higher resale value for sure.
re: ClarificationElefantino
Mar 21, 2002 6:22 AM
I am the former owner of a Giant (my "rain" bike) and would not buy one again. Even though I was supposedly OK on the size, it always felt like I was riding someone else's bike. (I didn't like having a 140 stem, either. Felt like I was steering a bus.)

As for YOUR ride, what you're looking for depends on what type of riding you want to do. Do you want to do fast group rides? Handling, then, is important, as is stiffness for sprints. Are you looking for a bike that will be comfortable on longer group rides or tours? Then you want to buy the bike that has less road "feel" transmitted to you.

Having ridden both bikes (tested an R800, which was CAAD4), I would, if forced to pick between the two, take the C'Dale. Also, not to slam the LBS, because some of my best friends own LBS, but from the input on this board I hear buying a bike from Gary Hobbs is close to a religious experience.

Mar 21, 2002 9:26 AM
Are pretty much the same frame (the BIG difference is that the CAAD5 has an integrated headset and the CAAD4 uses a standard headset). Otherwise the frames are the same (also goes for CAAD6 which just adds the proprietary C-Dale BB and crank). Some early CAAD4's had a 1" head tube. I would ask GVH if the ones he has are the newer 1 1/8".
If both feel the same to you I would save the cash and go with the Dale.
I seriously doubt if either bike (or any bike) will do anything miraculous like make you any faster than the other so the question is fit and comfort and how well it suits your riding style. Personally I don't like the "compact" look and 3 sizes fit all theory seems a bit dubious because it can force extreme stem length or nasty seat post set back and height or both.
Just my .02
Had both and kept the ..........CT1
Mar 20, 2002 9:17 PM

No doubt in my mind the Giant was the better frame for me. WAY more comfy and just as stiff where it needed to be.

The only downside to the Giant is the limited sizing. If it fits then go for it.

Only reason I got the Giant...tempeteKerouak
Mar 21, 2002 2:07 PM
For comparable price, I got better parts and no CODA...

Don't know, but deal for deal, I get a top notch frame, fork, seatpost and headset. Compared to a slightly more expensive Cannondale R700 - I think (which I set my mind for at first) that had a mix and match parts of generally poorer quality (seatpost, hubs, cranks...)

Only complain about the Giant, and a very personnal one; I swapped the seat (Prolink -no thanks) for a flatter Flite.
Feel like a champ on my bike; I'm 5'10 and a hair over, got a medium. I work out on my abs and back flexibility a lot.

If you ever get a medium, note it comes with 172.5mm cranks... I like them, but had to get use to them, specially in out-of-saddle climbing.