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Jan's Style(13 posts)

Jan's Stylewillem72
Mar 20, 2002 3:26 PM
Debate is raging in Bicycling Australia magazine about Jan Ullrich's position on the bike. Steve Hogg and John Kennedy, two bikeshop owners who have designed a fit system which is popular and successful in this country, argue that Jan should sit further behind the bottom bracket because this position naturally stablises pelvis. They maintain Jan expends valuable upper body energy to stabilise the pelvis on his current setup. Also, H & K assert a rearward position means that the power comes on earlier in the pedal stroke - at, say, 11:00, not 12:30, if you think of the crank as a clock. Just like Greg.

Jan pushes massive gears and rides long cranks. Seems to me that big gears = big strain on the knees. He's missed two major races already this year due to a knee injury. Jan can't afford to skip many more competition days if he's to be competitive in July. My suggestion is that he swaps the 53 or 54T big ring for a 52T, rides 172.5 cranks, and learns how to spin a little faster. Just like Lance.

I like the guy - he's a good competitor, a good cyclist and, although it's hard to know for sure from this distance, a good bloke. I also like the Tour and I suspect that Jan is one of the keys to a successful and hard-fought race this year.

Any thoughts?
re: Jan's Stylesprockets2
Mar 20, 2002 3:36 PM
The other advantage-there may be more-is that you also can get a really aero body position by leaning over-tilting the pelvis-and getting a good flat back. It is funny that they think he should go further back, because that is how I remember him-a Lemond style rider. I will watch him today on OLN during the Tour review program they are running. Do the move-back advocates think he should spin more or just keep grinding up those knees?
re: Jan's Stylechopper
Mar 20, 2002 3:45 PM
"Seems to me that big gears = big strain on the knees"

This was exactly my thought when I heard he was having knee problems, as for changing his style I would think it may be wise due to the knee problems but I think its risky to change his style just because Lance keeps winning the TDF. Jan is already better than 99% of the riders out there and changing his style just to try and beat Lance may be risky, but to save his knees may be wise.

I dunno.
I dont Wanna Burst Any BubblesBigLeadOutGuy
Mar 20, 2002 5:58 PM
I would imagine that Team Telekom had already spent countless hours testing and reasearching the best riding position that Jan should be in...not to mentiont the perfect length cranks and chainrings he should use.
I am sure he is in the best position for maximum power output for his style of riding. Its not like they just hand him his bike and tell him to go ride =) What works for lance doesnt mean its going to work for Jan.
Im a huge Jan fan and I hope he wins the tour again!!

stay stoked
Does anyone know...Djudd
Mar 20, 2002 7:21 PM
Ullrich's height and weight (optimum). He looks gigantic. On a few climbs last year and the year he won the tour he looked huge, especially relative to the riders around him. I don't mean that in a bad way he just looks very powerful
Mar 20, 2002 11:30 PM
according to '01 TdF stats.
they also list Lance as 5'10"/165lbs, something doesn't fit
that is strangemerckx 1969
Mar 21, 2002 12:11 AM
from jan's website

Größe/ Gewicht
1.83 m/ 73 kg
which converts to 6 foot and almost 161 pounds.

i figure either they lie or more probably that lances weight is actually closer to 145 pounds which sounds about right.
Most Talented RiderCFBlue
Mar 21, 2002 7:09 AM
I've heard the OLN boys say that about Jan, often times giving Lance credit for saying it. But what does it really mean? I am just getting into the sport and i really haven't the first clue about racing game. IOW, this is not a troll, but a serious question.

re: Most Talented Ridercyclopathic
Mar 21, 2002 8:18 AM
you need to look at his background

Jan is the product of Eastern Germ Olympic machine. He had never chosen cycling he was selected at kindergarten age because he has much longer then avg femur (thighs) and large lung capacity. He looks at cycling as work he had never been motivated as much as others. He gains a lot of weight off season, he misses training session etc

with respect to Lance saying that he is "most talented rider" this is my take. First he learned his lesson with Marco so he tries to be political by paying tribute to Jan. Second it is in a way calculated insult: you're better but you don't wanna work hard. And last doesn't it make Lance look better? after all he beat "most talented rider"
My measly $.02...DINOSAUR
Mar 21, 2002 8:26 AM
I've heard that mentioned several times also. I think it means that out of the entire peloton, Ullrich is the could beat Armstrong. He might even be a better rider than LA (ie "talented") but it's Armstrong's dedication and hard work that sets him apart. Maybe Lance is more driven. Maybe "talented" is a substitute for "natural". That word "talented" probably could be interpreted several ways. If it wasn't for Ullrich, Lance wouldn't be looking over his shoulder all the time. The big boy gives him a run for his money. You'd have to think that it would be a different TDF without the presence of Ullrich...Good question! this boy has a lot of websites and they take awhile to load....
if anything there's an indicationcyclopathic
Mar 21, 2002 8:55 AM
that '02 TdF won't be '00 and '01 replay. Don't take me wrong I like Jan, I like LA, still watching the same thing 3rd year in a row.. more hills would give a chance to Simoni/Pantani and alikes.
re: Jan's StyleRayBan
Mar 21, 2002 8:33 AM
I think Jan looks/rides with a GREAT style! People can throw out formulas theories all they want, but what I've learned is bike position is very personal. I've tried the Lemond way behind the pedal spindle, and I've tried the ahead of the pedal spindle position that Phiney recommends. I put my saddle in the spot that works out the best for me.
re: Jan's Stylemhinman
Mar 21, 2002 10:01 AM
Jan is like a muscle car, lots of V8 power at lower RPM, vs. Lances 4 cylinder sports car motor that revs high and free. BTW have you compared there legs, Lance has very well developed calf muscles, where as Jan has alot of bulk in the quads and glut. Personal I consider my style more like Jan's (except down a couple of orders of magnatude) I am low RPM grinder, not a spinner. These guys are two of the best, but they have very little in common in terms of style, Physique, or power.