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Need Colnago advice(5 posts)

Need Colnago advicebinladen
Mar 19, 2002 10:14 PM
I ride a 53 Colnago Dream, which fits me perfectly with 5.2" from collar to seat rails, 12cm stem, although I don't mind a slightly longer toptube. I am looking at a Colnago CF1, which only comes in 52 and 54.

So should I choose the 52 or 54. The 54's toptube is fine, but standover height is a bit high. Note the 52 has a longish front center so I don't know what difference it makes on handling.

What do you think?
re: Need Colnago adviceNessism
Mar 20, 2002 5:42 AM
How much standover clearance do you have on a 54? If you have 1" or more when checking w/o shoes, you should be good to go. IMO, a 12 cm stem on a small frame does not consitute a good fit. Of course it will work, but if you're going to spend major cash on a new ride, why not get something that fits better?

get the 54....C-40
Mar 20, 2002 9:30 AM
5.2" (over 13cm)from the seat tube collar to the seat rails is more than I would choose. I ride a 55cm C-40 with the top of the saddle 17cm (almost 6-3/4")above the top tube. I believe the distance from the top tube (not seat post collar) to the saddle rails is very close to the dimension that you have quoted (thus my saddle is at least 1cm lower than yours).

I have plenty of standover clearance (almost 4cm in bare feet).
I have exactly 5 in. from top of collar to top of campy post....koala
Mar 20, 2002 4:46 PM
and I was fitted by the most respected shop around. I do have long legs for my height. You think 5 is too much for a guy who has not competed for 15 years? I ride a 55 ctc and a 54 top tube with a 10 stem and a 73 seat angle, 33 inch bike inseam. With 25cm of spacers i have 7.5 cm. of drop to the bars. The bike feels right just as it is.... opinions? Fwiw I am riding the exact setup I was fitted for. I would be interested in opinions by the fit gurus.
re: Need Colnago adviceDream plus
Mar 21, 2002 8:30 AM
I measured my 54 cm Dream Plus last night. The standover height was almost exactly 31". I'm 5'7 1/2" with long legs and a short torso - floor to crotch 33". My bike has a 120mm stem which doesn't seem out of the ordinary. Hope this helps. Mike