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paging McAndrus(3 posts)

paging McAndrusweiwentg
Mar 19, 2002 7:21 PM
was reading the 'who are you thread' (my goodness, it's up to over 10000 views!!!) and just realized you were riding a Giant CFR. how does it ride?? I'm on a TCR myself. damn sweet.
Giant CFRMcAndrus
Mar 20, 2002 5:23 AM
Well, to start it's carbon and not aluminum. I believe it's the only carbon frame I've heard of from Giant. I bought it on eBay from a bike shop in Kentucky which had picked up four (I believe) from a distributor in Europe.

As far as I can tell Giant never sold them retail in the US. If they did, the distribution was pretty limited. And I think 1999 was the last production year. Giant's website had the CFR listed in their UK section for 99 models but nothing for 2000 and beyond.

I believe I've seen two others on the road and there are a few people on RBR who've said they have one.

Now, as to the bike itself, the best comparison I can make is to the Trek 5200 or 5500. Using only anecdotal evidence I believe the CFR frame weight is close to a 5200 frame's: at least a 2000 5200 frame. A buddy with a 5200 and I did a comparison lift and we both agreed the CFR and 5200 were close.(Of course, we didn't know the differences in wheel weights, Ultegra vs Chorus, etc., etc.)

The frame is carbon with aluminum lugs. I think that's a technique only used by Look but I'm not an expert there. For a while I thought it was a Look frame - or at least from a Look subcontractor - that has been branded a Giant. Except for the seatstay wishbone it bears a strong resemblance to a Look design. Somebody at RBR said he knew Look did not make the CFR.

And it rides very, very nicely. It's light, reasonably stiff in the BB, climbs and sprints very, very well. The power climbing still gives me a thrill when I push hard and the bike just leaps up a hill.

I have compared its ride, also, to a 5500. The Trek rides a straighter line on a power climb. That is, there is less sway with the Trek than the Giant, as I move the bike back and forth underneath me. I don't think the Trek BB is tighter but I do think the geometry of the head tube is different so it holds a straighter line. And I am talking miniscule amounts of difference that I had to concentrate to notice.

It does have some of the carbon lifeless feel but it has more spring in it than the Trek. It's very comfortable on long rides and I've done several centuries (and plus) with little discomfort.

I'm sure someday I'll see another bike that gets my juices flowing but right now I think the CFR has been the bike buying bargain of my lifetime.

I've also heard very nice comments on Giant's TCRs. At the LBS who carries Giant, he gets a few a year and I've asked him to let me test ride one but, alas, we haven't seemed to connect yet.

What do you think of the TCR? And which model is it?
Giant TCRweiwentg
Mar 20, 2002 4:41 PM
it's a 2001 TCR 0, which I got (frameset only) on eBay. it is very very light, and climbs like a scared cat on steroids. climbing on the TCR is a breeze. sprinting ... well, I weigh in around 120, so I wouldn't say. only complaint: the integrated headset ... mine is binding a bit in a couple of spots.
the TCR carbon is coming out this year, btw :)