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Mountain cycle Moho road(2 posts)

Mountain cycle Moho roadskibert
Mar 19, 2002 3:28 PM
Im thinking about building up a new bike and I was wondering if anyone has ridden the moho road and what they think about it. Ride quality, etc.
I ride/rode the Moho STS which is the soft/hard tail MTBspookyload
Mar 19, 2002 11:05 PM
It was a decent bike in ride comfort, the quality was excellent, the customer service was the best I have seen. I would check the frame angles very close. I had a terrible season MTB racing two years ago, couldn't stay on the trail straight, then I found out my MOHO was designed for a rigid fork, and the 80mm fork I had put in made the angles way too relaxed due to increasing the front end height. The bike was overly stable and wouldn't track off camber stuff at all. I don't know if they redesigned the frame totally for the road, but make sure to check it out first. Also, I don't think they are UCI legal which could affect the ability to race them in the US. As for the soft tail design, it is not noticeable if it is there. I switched from that frame to a real soft tail Litespeed, and then really noticed the MOHO really didn't flex like they said. One last bit of advice, I don't think they are even open for buisness this year since they are moving and redesigning everything. They are sharing a facility now with someone and keeping it very hush hush.