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Cycling slang question...(3 posts)

Cycling slang question...bigdave
Mar 19, 2002 10:07 AM
What is "flick," in a road race sense?

For context, we go to John Lieswyn's (the guy in the pic above the "Discussions" heading in the above left) diary from Redlands:

"Each lap on the descents Gord (Mercury) seemed to find me and flick me off the wheel I was on. I've no idea what he's all bent about, seeing as how I wasn't even in the top ten on the last couple laps of the crit that he lost to Charles. Today in the opening small circuits I was trying to lead Doug Z out for the sprinter points (Doug was in the jersey) and Sayers (Mercury) flicked Doug in turn two, pretty hard."

Is "flicking" actually hitting the other rider in someway? Or cutting him off and taking his line away?

Just curious.

Ask Frankiemr_spin
Mar 19, 2002 10:15 AM
Frankie Andreu explained "flick" in one of his Tour diary entries in 2000 I think. From what I remember, he said it is basically what you might assume it is, considering it is very close to another four letter word that starts with "F" and ends with "CK." I think he also said it derived from a German word that meant exactly that.

An appropriate definition would be "to purposely interfere with a competitor, generally through positioning, but sometimes physically or verbally." This would include blocking, riding someone into the boards, grabbing jerseys, etc.
A bit more specific definition....rollo tommassi
Mar 19, 2002 11:43 AM
would be "an action of lightly tapping another riders' wheel (front or rear) with your own wheel".

Using your rear wheel, it's the ability to overlap the other guys' front wheel just by an inch, and then tap the side of the rim with your rear. Cause and effect - he swerves and/or backs off.

Using your front wheel, its the ability to overlap his rear wheel by an inch, and tap his rear rim.

Ok, so I've seen this done by the truly gifted (and those knowledgeable of the Dark Side....) and the effect is not to be catastrophic, but to unnerve. On the track, I've seen (rider to remain anonymous) completely whack another guys' wheel repeatedly and cause it to go out of true.

On the other hand, stories abound of physical shoving, jersey pulling, or the out-and-out grab the other guy's handlebar and turn him for him. That is definitely "purposeful interfering"!

Of course, I'd never condone such a thing.......