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Any input on new Bontrager components?(5 posts)

Any input on new Bontrager components?floatch
Mar 19, 2002 8:56 AM
Trek has spec'ed their new 5200's with some Bontrager components, mostly labelled "Bontrager Race-Lite." The wheels & hubs, seatpost, and stem & bars are labelled thusly.
Does anyone have any weights or input for these components?
I'm considering upgrading some stuff to save weight, such as the seatpost, bars, and stem... but I'd like some info before I start swapping. Thanks!
Have a look for yourself on their website...Pedal Jockey
Mar 19, 2002 9:10 AM

Has all weights for their components and wheels.

Mar 19, 2002 10:29 AM
My ride came with Race X-Lite Wheels, Race Lite XL stem and bars. All of it's been maintenance and trouble free for the 6 months I've had it. According to my scale, all the weights conform to those listed on the website.

I removed the silly Bontrager decal from the stem and it looks much nicer.

Whenever I have the extra money, I'd like to upgrade to a magnesium stem and easton carbon bars for that extra weight-weeny edge, but the existing bar and stem are fairly light and work well, so I'm in no hurry.

The stock Bontrager tires are pretty nice as well. Many many miles, no punctures, and not much wear.
What a moron I am sometimes...floatch
Mar 19, 2002 1:58 PM
Geez guys, thanks for not flaming me hard. I deserved it this time! I put "Bontrager bike parts" into Google yesterday, and since wasn't one of the first couple of choices, I figured they didn't have a site. Google's usually pretty good about that.
Anyway, there's great info at their site, and thanks for the link!
By the way, do you like your 5900? I see it has the upgraded stem and bar setup, 31.8, rather than 26.0. Does it feel noticably stiffer? I run a 40cm bar and I only weigh about 130, so flex isn't really an issue, just wondering. I'm trying to shave some weight, and researching the best places to start.
What a moron I am sometimes...AllUpHill
Mar 19, 2002 3:38 PM
The bike came with 31.8 size -- feel quite stiff but I'm light like you and I haven't ridden a comparable 26.0 setup for comparison (but it is much stiffer than no-name 26.0 stuff on my other bike). When I take the bars off (they're 44cm c-c) and grasp each end with bartape removed, I can feel it flex just a tad but it's never noticeable when riding. I was surprised though, when I grabbed and torqued in a similar fashion a pair of carbon Easton's which were sitting around in the lbs -- they did not budge at all!

The bike is great by the way. I appreciate it even more each time I ride or race.