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Disintegrating bearing(2 posts)

Disintegrating bearingLone Gunman
Mar 19, 2002 8:15 AM
Took my rear Rolf wheel into the LBS, had them service the hub earlier this year and the thing had too much play in it. Normally I do my own work on wheelsets but my cone wrenches are of low quality and only fit older type cones, not the Rolfs so I had the lead mech try and adjust to correct for the slop. He began adjusting and decided that something was not right like a bearing was missing as it would not adjust correctly, either too tight or too loose, no just right. He took it apart and looked at the bearings and said that 1 bearing had disinegrated and fortunately I had caught the problem before the hub race was damaged. Anyone ever hear of such a thing? History is 6000 miles, regular service.
S**t happens, maybe?cory
Mar 19, 2002 8:26 AM
I've had a similar experience with a set of low-end platform of the balls just broke up. I packed them when I screwed them on, commuted on them for half a summer, and then it started to go SCRUNT-SCRUNT when I rode. When I took it apart, one of the balls was in three or four pieces. Didn't bother me on $12 pedals, but I imagine a bad piece sneaks through now and then even with good equipment.