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Why can't I find an inexpensive frame?(7 posts)

Why can't I find an inexpensive frame?fender4
Mar 17, 2002 8:29 PM
I am new to road cycling, and I have inherited a '96 Specialized Allez complete bike. The frame, however, is too large (a 58cm). After riding some friends' bikes, I have decided that I need a 54-55cm. My problem is, I have so far been unable to find an inexpensive frame in that size to replace the current 58cm frame. I am not concerned about how "nice" it is or how it looks...I would just like a functional frame to do some casual group rides. The kicker is, I am a student on a strict financial aid budget that would like to spend $100 or less if possible.

After some searching, I have found that inexpensive road frames are MUCH more difficult to come by than mountain bike frames (I have seen them new for ~$80). Why is this?

Well, If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. I'm itching to ride, but I am not comfortable on a frame this large. Thanks for your time!
re: Why can't I find an inexpensive frame?mduell
Mar 17, 2002 8:49 PM
Nashbar has the cheapest road frame I've seen, at $150. See

Mark Duell
student specials???Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 17, 2002 8:50 PM
have a look at this from chucks bikes. they have some cheap forks as well. the 57cm is c-t and could well be about 55cm c-c.

if all your parts are good and they fit this then it wouldnt be a bad frame. unless you can do it all allow some coin for fitting all the parts together properly. that could add up.
Mar 17, 2002 9:20 PM
Ebay has some killer deals on frames of all types. Various price ranges, condition, size etc... 9 times out of ten the deal is easy and honest. No worries..

Good luck
Mar 18, 2002 5:30 AM
You can find some great deals on used frames on eBay, particularly steel frames. I have seen some high quality, lugged steel frames go for great prices. Just make sure that you know what size you need, and verify the correct size with the seller (eg, have them make all measurements center-to-center rather than relying on manufacturers sizes, which vary). You aren't likely to find the lightest frame in ti or carbon for a real low price, but you can find some high quality steel frames. Search for names like Bianchi, Pinarello, Gios, Ciocc, Colnago, Serotta that have been making frames for a while. Don't worry about the age as long as the frame is in good shape with no rust.
re: Why can't I find an inexpensive frame?TheBikeNut
Mar 18, 2002 6:35 AM has several choices as low as $45.00.
re: Why can't I find an inexpensive frame?RULY
Mar 18, 2002 3:26 PM
Nashbar has aluminum frame:$149