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Parker International(9 posts)

Parker InternationalNuovo
Mar 17, 2002 4:29 PM
Anyone in the US buy from them? Their prices look good, but there's not secure order form. How's their shipping and service?
re: I'll let ya know next week...Akirasho
Mar 17, 2002 5:19 PM
I've been corresponding with them for about a week on items not available in the States, and will be calling direct to order early on Monday morning (taking into account the time differences).

They've been very helpful so far, and I'm looking forward to a successful transaction.

Tis true, their website is a bit low tech compared to most, but I've heard good things word of mouth.

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Good Experiencesdjg
Mar 17, 2002 7:49 PM
I've bought a bunch of stuff there: the better part of a record group, look pedals, a set of Mavic Ks, and some shorts. Pretty much everything has been fine, and the one small glitch was fixed right away. I don't think anything has taken more than a week to get here (Virginia). Apart from their prices, there are a couple of things I like about them relative to some of the other overseas suppliers. For one thing, you can call them on the phone. They'll confirm what's in stock, colors, etc. So far, they've been straight with me. Also, their shipping charges have always seemed reasonable. I think I was charged something like 9 bucks on my last order (Assos bibs and a stem).

Good ExperiencesNuovo
Mar 18, 2002 12:46 AM
Were you concerned by the lack of a secure on-line ordering interface?
Not reallydjg
Mar 18, 2002 9:39 AM
You can call them on the phone to do the order (reasonably secure). You can also set up an account with them, so that subsequent orders do not require that you re-enter your credit card.

Personally, I use these 20 buck Costco calling cards for long distance calls and they end up being pretty cheap.
Not in the US, butboneman
Mar 18, 2002 1:20 AM
I've used them frequently since moving to the UK 3 years ago and will definitely use them whenever I move back to the States. They've been reliable and they have a very complete inventory. Service and shipping are first rate. Make sure you ask them if all items are in stock. A couple times they've held the order, charged my credit card, while waiting for an item or two. No big deal for me and they usually do ask if you want them to hold the order until complete or ship and the stuff is available but it's a good policy to prompt them on the matter.

BTW, their site may be low tech and without secured ordering but keep in mind that broadband, work locations excepted, is not widely dispersed in the UK and most people are on dial up at home. In fact Italy has greater broadbank takeup than the UK.
re: Parker InternationalbestT
Mar 18, 2002 8:09 AM
I had a great experience with Parker. I got a few guys together and we ordered 23 Conti and Vittoria tires, and the total cost (including shipping) was less than US wholesale! The order came to CA in less than a week.
re: Parker InternationalCT1 Guy
Mar 18, 2002 11:39 AM
I can't comment from a US point of view as I live in the UK and frequently visit their premises in my travels up and down the country. They're right out in the middle of nowhere (relatively speaking for the UK)and aren't your archietypal bike shop - mainly focussed on mail order. I've bought stuff from them for over the last 15 years and can assure you that they are a bone fide outfit and have great experience and service to offer their customers wherever they are in the world.
What about (nm)Velocipedio
Mar 18, 2002 12:43 PM