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Rich Girlfriend Wants Bike(19 posts)

Rich Girlfriend Wants BikeTorv
Mar 17, 2002 4:25 PM
Hey all...

My girlfriend has more money than god. She wants to take up bike riding with me. Naturally, I have my own opinions and biases and I have voiced them to her. However, she wants a broader concencus of opinion, so I toss it to you, the collective masses -- what kind of bike, wheels and component group should she get and should I talk her into buying me a new bike as well?

re: Rich Girlfriend Wants Bikemackgoo
Mar 17, 2002 4:49 PM
C-40, Record carbon 10sp full kit, Gramo, Eubios, Hyperions or Zipp 303's tubs of course. Don't get the black paint get some color. It looks like they may be getting the carbon cranks under control, she could go with them also, and a Brain. Hey do you suppose you could get her to cough up a finders fee?
I got a c40 for herSlipstream
Mar 17, 2002 5:00 PM
I'll sell you/her a flawless C40 Mapei w/ergobrain campy record & pro-fit pedals. Less than 50 miles. $3750. (new would be over $5500.)
what color bar tape would she like....Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 17, 2002 5:14 PM
id rather sell it one go rather than part it out. its pristine and in perfect condition. mostly new or very low miles.

51 x 53

making room for a merckx that will be 3 pounds heavier

and.. can she ride a bike?cyclopathic
Mar 17, 2002 7:19 PM
two suggestions:
- buy a bike which fits
- don't buy much more bike then skills are. (can you smell a poser?)

for first road bike I'd go with common brand bike no higher then Ultergra/Chorus, triples (if in hilly area) or low gear cass, steel or Ti. And with buying you a new bike is she as dumb as she is rich? hmm


PS good luck on you GF. don't let her pay your bills you'd have to pay for it later
What type of rider does she want to be?Leisure
Mar 17, 2002 8:01 PM
If she hasn't been seriously roadbiking before I would suggest starting out with a value-conscious steel frame with generous component spec. Say a Lemond or Gunnar (retail $550 frame) with Dura-Ace, Chorus, Record, heck, Ultegra or Centaur, what have you. Traditional wheels (factory hub, two or three cross) will end up being a safe, low-fuss first wheelset. You can get a complete bike for say $1900-2600 and know that the ride quality will be friendly and therefore more fun in the long term. No pretense, either.
Once she starts getting familiar with what kind of riding she likes and what suits her tastes and priorities (geometry, materials, etc), she can start doing the research on getting a more purpose-built frame for her desires while being able to just switch the components over. She can start looking into offerings in aluminum, carbon, custom steel, Ti, custom Ti, etc, etc. knowing what she's looking for instead of jumping in blind. If she were like me, she'd end up going custom in which case she'd need to know exactly what she wants.
She could also just get a Colnago. Seems to be a nice frame that will satisfy all sorts of rider priorities.
I, too, havedjg
Mar 17, 2002 8:06 PM
some extremely valuable opinions. Should we negotiate my consulting fee upfront, or would that just be insulting?

Actually, perusing the offers I see here, my main thought is that you should get her something that fits properly. And avoid starting her with the most agressive possible setup. (I mean, get a proper road bike, obviously, just don't overdo it.) No tubulars. Sweet ride, sure, but she'll hate you for the cement.

I don't think you should talk her into buying you another bike. I think you should take her somewhere that she'll happen to see, side-by-side, the cutest matching pair of ...(you fill it in), in a color you happen to know she really, really, likes. This rules out unpainted Ti, big guy. I'm thinking, maybe baby blue Pinarellos or something. Bianchi is nice, if she'll go for Celeste, in part because they make good road bikes, and in part because lots of shops have enough EV2s around to give her the matching couple idea.

The trick, of course, is to avoid the matching outfit syndrome. Not worth it, even for a free bike.
re: dispatching matching outfit syndromeElefantino
Mar 17, 2002 8:16 PM
Let me get this straight ... Are you saying that if a rich companion offered to buy you, say, a Pinarello Opera or Bianchi EV2, but insisted that you wear matching cycling outfits as part of the deal, you would SAY NO???!!!!

For the record:

If someone wants to give me a new bicycle with a value of over $3,000, I will ride through downtown Jacksonville wearing a thong. You pick the color.

When I can ride again, of course.

Pony up, folks.

Mar 17, 2002 8:21 PM
1) It wouldn't be the dumbest thing I ever did in the name of dignity; and

2) I hope you can ride again soon; but

3) I don't wanna pick the color of your thong. I don't even want to know the color. No offense.
that wouldn't even raise an eyebrow in jacksonville..;-) NMSpirito di Finocchio
Mar 17, 2002 8:24 PM
girlfirend's vitals are importantStarliner
Mar 17, 2002 10:09 PM
If she has the bucks, why not find a custom builder and make it a personalized experience for her? If she's a shorty, maybe she needs a 650 frameset. Have her check out Rivendell, Columbine, and Moon cycles to see what she thinks.
No - don't go theremuncher
Mar 18, 2002 3:07 AM
I just know that we're gonna learn that she's actually 6'1", most of which is legs, and she is pretty fit cos of all the sportswear modelling she does, and all that will be jsut about more that one man can bear on a rainy monday morning in the office....
re: Rich Girlfriend Wants Bikemackgoo
Mar 18, 2002 3:46 AM
Off course you want to get something that fits. Some people just don't understand that someones first bike may be one they have always coveted and may possibly never aquire. If she wanted a car would you say, well let's get a chevete until you see if you like driving or what kind of driving do you want to do?
Rentals first?kenyee
Mar 18, 2002 6:16 AM
You might want to try taking her on an easy ride through a bike trail (or in the countryside w/o cars) on an uncrowded day. A lot of places will rent high end stuff for an entire weekend at very reasonable prices ($30 or so). E.g., in the Boston area, you can rent a Lemond B.A. at one place; another place rents out Serottas. None rent Rivendells that I know of (she might like a comfort bike).

If it will likely be a "hang on wall" bike, the Colnagos have the prettiest stock painting schemes. There are also custom builder like the Land Shark folks who will customize your own art or ideas onto a bike :-)
his and hers De Rosa King?? NMmike r
Mar 18, 2002 6:21 AM
Simple, show her a Trek OCLV Project OneTig
Mar 18, 2002 6:36 AM
If she has an artistic side, she would like the OCLV's shape and visual form. Add a Project One custom (well, almost custom) paint scheme and she would feel special and unique. Now, here's the part where you can adjust what you think she would want or need. Choose from an Ultegra 5200, a Dura Ace 5500, or if she is really rich and has a demanding ego, the 5900. By suggesting a lower 5200, you could impress her with your sense of wise economy. However, if she offers to buy you a bike, you'll have a problem if you choose something that costs more!
Not a race-oriented bike; something comfortablecory
Mar 18, 2002 8:22 AM
No matter how much you and I might want a Colnago, if she's not a cyclist, she'd probably be happier with something like an Atlantis or Rambouillet. It takes awhile to get used to the riding position on most of the high-buck bikes people have recommended. Get her something that will feel good from the first ride. If she likes it a lot and decides she wants a C-40, that's the time to spend the big bucks.
re: Rich Girlfriend Wants BikeChen2
Mar 18, 2002 8:38 AM
Saw a Mercedes Benz bicycle at the car dealership. Unique looking but grossly overpriced hybrid with suspension. While you're there maybe she'll ask you if you see anything you like.
51 cm Litespeed Ultimate w/Dura-Ace componentsPebbles
Mar 18, 2002 1:44 PM
I'm a girl, and I'm selling my 51 cm Litespeed Ultimate w/ Dura-Ace components for $2900. It's as good as brand-new, except a few scratches on the left brake lever. 1997 or 1998 model, 8-speed. Mavic radial-spoke, ceramic-rim wheels. Tell her titanium will never rust, and you don't have to worry about scratching or cracking the frame, like you do with carbon-fiber bikes. This is the last bike she'll ever need, and it's very fast, lightweight, and fabulous.