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Ramblings from a late-night, recliner-bound fred.(10 posts)

Ramblings from a late-night, recliner-bound fred.Elefantino
Mar 16, 2002 10:44 PM
Can't sleep, so stayed up scanning eBay. Decided to bid for and win a Freddie Rodriguez Domo US Champ jersey. I have no idea why.

I guess this means I'll be selling the new Montgomery Bell jersey I just bought last week. So much for cycling history. My wife has me on a jersey limit.

Question: Should I still go Marco on my first ride back, or should I go Fred? Pink or red-white-and-blue?

go pinkStarliner
Mar 16, 2002 11:59 PM
be a fag not a flag
go commerceTSlothrop
Mar 17, 2002 1:21 AM
In the spirit of your desire to accumulate posessions, it's proper that you wear the stars and stripes, none of that pinko commie nonsense.
Mar 17, 2002 4:51 AM
Personal indulgence all the way.
re: Ramblings from a late-night, recliner-bound fred.DINOSAUR
Mar 17, 2002 8:08 AM
Wish I had your problem... most of my jerseys are solid color cheap ones...I put all of my money into my bike..I saw a guy doing the Marco all pink thing...not my cup of tea..if I wore stars and stripes maybe the rednecks would be a bit more kind to me....hmmmm maybe I should have got one of the Colnagos with the stars and stripes paint schemes...FIRST ride back? stars and stripes it would be for me...if I wore pink in my neck of the woods I'd be road kill for sure....
a pink elefantino is what we would all be inspired by (NM)Spirito di Finocchio
Mar 17, 2002 8:53 AM
How about the Enron Jersey @ eBay: "Respect, Value, Integrity.."Slipstream
Mar 17, 2002 12:19 PM
Domo US Champ jersey is the best...PdxMark
Mar 17, 2002 1:21 PM
Stars & Stripes jersey out there... makes Fred-dom mighty attractive looking... I'll get one too and we can wear them on a ride together...
Reflections from a prior late-night, recliner bound fred....DINOSAUR
Mar 17, 2002 2:49 PM
I was off my bike for a short period of time compared to you (8 weeks). On my first ride I was in between sucking so bad and feeling so happy, my jersey never entered my mind. Come to think of it, I over dressed and wore a wind jacket.

So when is the date?...first day of spring is the 20th (Wed).
get well soon, Elefantino :) nmweiwentg
Mar 17, 2002 8:37 PM