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TT bike? Tri bike? couple questions...(2 posts)

TT bike? Tri bike? couple questions...cush
Mar 16, 2002 12:46 PM
I was at the LBS this afternoon and they have a slightly used 2001 Cannondale Multisport 1000 for $1,000. I do not do triathalons but will race between 6 and 10 time trials this year. Is there much of an advantage with the aero bike? Do I want one with 650c wheels or should I pay more and get 700 wheels?

re: TT bike? Tri bike? couple questions...Akirasho
Mar 16, 2002 4:49 PM
... it depends on your physiology and philosophy.

FWIW, I use a Cervelo P2K for relatively flat course TT's and prefer it's geometry (effective seat tube angle of 78 degrees) under these conditions (I like a forward position). The P2K however, remains a bit of a specialty bike. The 'Dale Multi might prove a more versatile platform...

... again, it depends...

You didn't mention how the Multi was equipped but $1000 is relatively cheap for a TT/Tri rig (closest competitors would be the Trek Hilo, Cervelo One and the old Fuji Aloha that I can think of).

650C or 700C wheels have become more or less frame size specific... 650C for smaller frames... 700C for the larger. There are arguable points for and against both... but for most mere mortals, they are mute. I've had a bit of experience on both... and for me (6'2" with a 37" inseam) the 700C may have been a hair faster. One of the biggest downsides to a 650C bike for most folks is the need for a specific wheelset for said frame. If compatibility with other bikes you might have is a factor... go with your common denominator.

Here's a pic of two similarily sized frames... one with 700C, the other with 650C.

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