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Redlands RR on Friday(2 posts)

Redlands RR on FridayCT1
Mar 15, 2002 5:54 PM
Anyone go out and watch the Redlands RR on Friday?

I took the day off and went and watched these wunderkids. Wow..... the big hill at the end of the stage just destroyed the two fields. The men were strung out for miles and miles and the lead women were blowing through the stragglers like a hot knife through butter. WOWWWWWWSERRRR!!!!

The lead/mid pack gals looked like monsters on their bikes...... ! Judith Arndt looked VERY comfy and SO smooth about 2 miles from the finish and wasn't that far ahead of Jeansen. Gen was REALLY working overtime to catch and looked to be in a big hurt when she went by. Her breathing was loud and labored. Wheeeee! I was very surprised to hear the 9 minute difference between the two at the finish. Hmmm..... didn't time the difference but there was only a couple of minutes dif where I saw em. Judith must have totally hammered out the last mile..... which BTW is the steepest part of the climb. VERY impressive on ALL counts!!!

Other tidbits of info. I was surprised at the large variety of body types of the men. Some really tiny guys and a couple of biggins ..... same with the women, although I didn't notice any really small gals. The gals for the most part looked pretty "beefy" in the legage area. They might even have the better power to weight ratio (compared to the men) given their smaller upper torsos. ????

On the way down the hill I stopped and watched one poor fellow dismount and lay his weary body over the saddle like he was going to die. Yippers..... what a way to make a living!

Anyone else catch this impressive show and carnage???

oppss, it was Hannos in second positionCT1
Mar 15, 2002 7:11 PM
That would explain the disparity in timing. It's hard to tell faces when peering though a camera. ;)

sorry for the mistaken identity.