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So what Tubulars do people usual ride ...(3 posts)

So what Tubulars do people usual ride ...jarraa
Mar 15, 2002 9:47 AM
.... when racing, when training, when commuting or when you just got a pinarello galileo you have been wishing for :) . Thanks in advance.

re: So what Tubulars do people usual ride ...str8dum1
Mar 15, 2002 10:01 AM
racing: personally I use conti sprinters. thats a very popluar Tub.

the other big ones are vittoria corsa cx's, tufo s33 or s3 lites, veloflex criteriums

there are others but those are the most popular

i train on clinchers, but if you had to train on tubs, i would use something like the hutchinson tubs. they are like 25$ and they are actually decent unlike the cheap vitts or contis (those are POS's!)
re: So what Tubulars do people usual ride ...JimP
Mar 17, 2002 6:40 PM
I used to ride Vitoria Corsa & Crono but they got so expensive that I looked elsewhere. I rode Continental Sprinter and Comp GPs and then tried Tufo last year. I had 3 Tufo S3 lite tires fail at the valve stem so I decided to go back to Conti. I still prefer a 19mm Comp GP on the front and a 22mm Sprinter on the rear. Each tire has a little different feel and will either give you confidence or scare you somewhat. I want a tire that gives me a lot of confidence when descending a steep hill and have to corner at speed. Price does not always equate to quality - try different ones and go with what feels best to you.