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Could someone tape some bike races for me?(5 posts)

Could someone tape some bike races for me?Velocipedio
Mar 14, 2002 6:22 PM
I don't want to subborn piracy, but things are desperate. OLN Canada shows almost no cycling, and Paris-Nice is looking like a good race. Does anyone here get OLN, and would you be willing to tape the 2-hr presentation on OLN on Monday monring? I will, of course, pay for the tape and postage.

Same for Paris-Roubaix next month, by the way... I hope someone can help. This is what I'm reduced to by our idiot broadcasters. BTW, if there are any Euros out there who would be able to help, I would be just as happy to hear from you.
re: Could someone tape some bike races for me?blondepower
Mar 14, 2002 8:13 PM
I can help you out.
re: Could someone tape some bike races for me?Velocipedio
Mar 15, 2002 4:09 PM
Thanks... I have Paris-Nice covered... I would be interested in discussing something for the classics, though.
DIVX - not VHS!sodade
Mar 15, 2002 3:58 AM
Someone needs to make some DIVX out of all that OLN bike content. My stupid cable company still doesn't offer OLN. Someone should be pirating this stuff until they realize that they should offer it digitally themselves. Problem is - the only reason I would pay for OLN is to get cycling content and if I could get it elsewhere, I wouldn't subscribe when it becomes available, but even if I did, I have a Tivo, so I wouldn't be watching any of their stupid advertizing. Poor media companies - I feel sooo soory for them - imagine being stuck with an outmoded business model! No matter - they can get the lawmakers to protect them by turning their audience into criminals. Capitalism at its best - not!

Anyway - does anyone make DIVX out of cycling coverage?
DIVX - not VHS!firstrax
Mar 15, 2002 7:33 AM
Working on it. The 2001 tour DVD and Breaking away will be available on Kazaa and Direct Connect soon.