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Cateye Astrial Computer(8 posts)

Cateye Astrial ComputerLone Gunman
Mar 14, 2002 7:56 AM
Has any poster ever cut the wires and spliced them back together for this unit to make it a sensible, usable, computer? I like the unit but the wiring scheme is just stupid. I have a dozen zip ties all over the bike and am looking at a solution that involves putting the magnet and sensor on the front wheel where it belongs and the cadence sensor on the downtube near the bb to limit the length of that connection. I fear cutting the wires only to discover that there are 2 micro type wires running inside the casing from a sensor and now I have destroyed the harness. Probably will do the solder and shrink casing routine to fix the problem. Any thoughts appreciated.
Why not just go wireless?DINOSAUR
Mar 14, 2002 8:27 AM
I have a new Cateye Mitty in the box ready to install on my new MLX. Then thinking about it, it would be nice to do away with all the wiring. Leafing through a couple of catalogs I see wireless for around $40.00, but I don't think these include candence. Topeak has a wireless model (Panogram w/l) that goes for $49.99 through Performance.
Mar 14, 2002 8:37 AM
Below is the link to Astrale manual:

The wiring for this computer is designed so that BOTH sensors are placed on left chainstay, with magnets on left pedal and the rear wheel. If you start improving the wiring scheme - you WILL run into trouble.
I have placed the sensors where they belong, and had no problems using just 4 zip ties to attach all the wires to the frame.
You may have to wind excess wire around the chainstay, and use some imagination to run the wire neatly from the computer to downtube.
re: Cateye Astrial ComputerChen2
Mar 14, 2002 9:08 AM
I've often wondered the same thing. Why don't you try it and report back. Actually the wiring harness can be bought separately and it's cheap.
Another neat thing to do is to super glue a small disk magnet on the end of your left pedal spindle instead of strapping the magnet to your crank arm.
Thanks for responsesLone Gunman
Mar 14, 2002 9:22 AM
I had the cateye mounted correctly on the left CS I just did not like the wires running all over the place. I may opt for a simple version Avocet, just something to keep the basics, after all this is on my backup bike and the only reason for this whole thread was I had the cadence on this bike which now is not important since I have a flightdeck on my Lemond. May go basic. Thanks.
don't use the zip tiesgrandemamou
Mar 14, 2002 9:23 AM
I just ran the wires under the chain stay and under the down tube and used electrical tape to secure it. Used super glue for the cadence magnet. It's been set up that way for over a year now. It stays put and there are no unsightly zip ties hanging around. My frame is black so I used black tape but they make it in almost any color or I guess you could also use clear.
re: Cateye Astrial ComputerSpoke Wrench
Mar 14, 2002 9:48 AM
I have spliced many computer wires in order to mount computers at the stoker position on tandems and to install computers on recumbents. All of the ones I have done (including Astrale) were fairly simple sets of paired wires. I've never tried a Flite Deck though. You have to solder the splice or you won't get an adequate connection. I use two lengths of skinny shrink tube and a longer length of fatter shrink tube to finish up the connection.

Mounting a cadence sensor on the down tube isn't a project that I'd want to undertake. I think that fabricating a stable bracket to hold the sensor the right distance from the pedal magnet would be more trouble that it's worth.

I think it's funny that you want to mount your Astrale speed sensor on the front wheel. A much more common request is to mount front wheel computers on the back for use with stationary trainers. That's more trouble than its worth too.
Going wireless ...bianchi
Mar 14, 2002 10:34 AM
Unless you really want the cadence function, a wireless computer is a great option. I have a Performance Axiom wireless that only cost $40 and works great. I've used it now for a year and a half with no problems. You can also buy an extra harness/sensor for $20 and swap it between bikes. I have a Flight Deck on my other bike and actually prefer the simpler wireless computer, and it is much cleaner looking (and lighter, for you weight weenies out there).