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Calf striation and genetics of biceps femoris(3 posts)

Calf striation and genetics of biceps femorisBC
Mar 13, 2002 5:54 PM
How can you develop a striation of muscle on the inside of your calf when your lower leg is forward, not extended(like in Ullrich's calf)?

And is it genetic or based on height to how far your inner insertion of your hamstring reaches? I notice on shorter folks it is attached lower.

re: Calf striation and genetics of biceps femorisBC
Mar 13, 2002 5:57 PM
Here is another picture
Ridiculous amounts of work, and some genetics.Leisure
Mar 14, 2002 4:53 AM
You don't develop the striation; the muscle is already there, just smaller and typically too buried in fat to see. Ullrich just has so little fat that it's visible all the time, whether he extends or not. His genetics probably play a role as well. It's going to be like any other workout/eating regimen where you burn more than you take in and specifically work the muscle or muscle group, but harder because of the kind of definition you're looking for. Realize that what you're looking at is also a lot of tendon, the length of which varies from person to person, so weightlifting by itself probably won't be enough. First and foremost you've got to get your body fat way down; you probably already know a lot about that sort of thing.
As far as specifically working the muscle, I've weightlifted plenty but mostly upper body, so others will be better equipped to field this. I've always thought of straight-legged deadlifts and squats from 10-15 reps as an effective way to enlarge and define hamstrings (along with a lot of other muscles) without too much dedicated specialization.