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Heart Monitor please.(4 posts)

Heart Monitor please.sprockets2
Mar 13, 2002 9:44 AM
Any recs for units you are using that are working well for you?

Where do I find out how to use it effectively while cycling?

I have a bud who has this full zoot HRM/cyclometer and he says his training zone is up to within a few beats of his max. From my running days, I remember having a training range that was NOT right up against my max. I was in fact surprised how low the target zone was. Any help appreciated.
It's worth you effort to search through the boards...Pedal Jockey
Mar 13, 2002 10:05 AM
This topic comes up often and there are several great threads on it.

Personally, I use a Sports Instruments EGC5 monitor, and I love it. I have used a Polar in the past, and my wife currently uses a Polar A5. The Polar's seem to be very sensitive to interference, and the A5 has serious issue requiring us to ship it back to the manufacturer.

As far as knowing what to get out of the monitor, try reading through Sally Edwards books on training with an HRM.

Good luck,

re: Heart Monitor please.Elefantino
Mar 13, 2002 9:13 PM
Any just-a-bit-more-than-basic unity will get you started decided on your optimum training zone and them counting how often and for how long you staed into that zone. Some also have countfown timers that tell how long it takes you to revover from high fitness to basball BPM.

I don't think you need full-zoot unless you're a full-zooty kind of person. Any relatively inexpenive Polar (not the cheapest one, though) will do. I, for example, have decidedly thrifty CardioSport Club, which tells me what I want to know. It doesn't sync with my PC, but it' easy to remembe and store on the Palm.

Some Helpjoeg26er
Mar 14, 2002 10:49 AM
I have tried Vetta's HRM/cyclocomputer, Nashbar's HRM and recently a Polar Protrainer Nightvision.

I experienced odd behaviour with all of the above except for the Vetta. The Vetta was very good and made it through many offroad crashes until one gave the chest strap transmitter a knock that it could not take. The Vetta chest strap would often slip down around my upper waist during extreme activity - it would still read my heart rate though!

The Nashbar was serviceable but I did not like the ergonomics of the unit. Rather unremarkable.

The Polar seems to lose contact with the transmitter when I extend my arm. This is not good if you have to dismount your bike. It also has more of a lag than the Vetta when it comes to reading a rapid jump in heart rate. The Polar strap usually stays put.

Perhaps I got a bad unit - I did get it at a severe discount from an online auction site. Anyone else want to comment if this is normal behaviour for a Polar unit?

Your training zone will usually start out pretty low if you aren't in peak condition. You should probably consult your doctor before going near your max heart rate though.

I will post back later when I find my Polar manual - it has some good tips in there.

What models are you looking at?

As an aside, my Polar wrist unit goes crazy when I make a cell phone call from my left hand.