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Which is better new or used(2 posts)

Which is better new or usedJoshua
Mar 13, 2002 6:00 AM
I am going to be buying a roadbike soon (this week) And i was wondering who could give me advice on if its better to purchase new or used. The two bikes I am looking at Are the Marin verona 2002 full 105 thron tubing 55 cm, it fits well
and is 1100. the other is a 55 cm marin vicenza 2000 used with campy veloce and zonal tubing for 750. Of course I would like to spend less money but what should i be concerned about buying used on line. And what are opinions of these bikes. Thanks
Two completely different bikes...Pedal Jockey
Mar 13, 2002 6:26 AM
Your two choices for a bike are good ones. Marin, as discussed yesterday, is a good italian manufacturer that will not break the bank. That being said, the ride quality of the two different bikes you are looking at should ultimately be the deciding factor for you. The Vicenza, with its Columbus Zonal tubing, is going to have a stiffer, and quicker feel than the Thron frame of the Verona. This may be an issue if you are going to put in long hours in the saddle. The Zonal frame is also going to be lighter than the Thron frame.

As for buying a bike on-line, sight unseen. I would make sure the seller is willing to take the bike back if you are not satisfied with it upon arrival. If they will not take the bike back, then something is fishy. If you decide to buy the used bike, take it to a shop for inspection to make sure the frame is in alignment, and there is no structural damage from a crash. Personally, I would not buy a bike in this manner. It's not like buying a used car, but piece of mind to know the bike history far outweights cost savings.

Check out Columbus's website for more information:

Good luck,