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Itchy head while riding with helmet! Cures?(4 posts)

Itchy head while riding with helmet! Cures?floatch
Mar 13, 2002 5:47 AM
My poor head itches like crazy all summer long. It's really only irritating when I first start riding. I read somewhere that massaging in listerine after shampooing your head in the shower helps this greatly. I know it might sound weird... I haven't tried it yet. Anyone have any tricks?
re: Itchy head while riding with helmet! Cures?DrD
Mar 13, 2002 6:14 AM
If you have a dry scalp, maybe try one of the medicated shampoo's out there... I think I would experiment with that before pouring mouthwash all over my head... Also - make sure you periodically wash out the pads in your helmet, as well. If it's just the feeling of having something press your hair flat on your head which makes you itch, there probably isn't much you can do (except maybe go for the Pantani look...)
If it only happens in the summer, you may have amorrison
Mar 13, 2002 11:30 AM
skin fungus that is causing the itching. I periodically get it on my back. For a while, I had a dermatologist prescribing an expensive cream that I applied every morning. Then the pharmacist told me that the active ingredient was the same as in the shampoo "Selsun Blue" (Did I spell that right?) Anyways, I now use that on my back and scalp when I get the itch in May, and it's gone within a day.

Give it a try.
Buy a helment with big vent holesgrandemamou
Mar 13, 2002 2:03 PM
At least big enough to get your fingers in. I have seasonal allergies and have the same problem. It seems worse in the spring and fall.